6 Fashion and Beauty Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now

by Nandini Vaid

We recently did a round up of fashion documentaries to stream while in quarantine, in addition to that, here are some fashion and beauty podcasts to listen to and fill in the pockets of free time in your day, which we all probably have plenty of, at the moment. These conversations offer interesting insights, critiques, and updates from designers, fashion and beauty bloggers, editors, and more.

1. Dressed
The hit podcast Dressed, hosted by April Calahan and Cassidy Zachary, is based on the thought that seven billion people on this planet have one thing in common and that is that every day of our lives we all get dressed. The podcast takes a deep dive into the social and cultural histories of who, what, when, and why we wear what we wear.
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2.  Fat Mascara
All things beauty are discussed on this award-winning weekly podcast. Hosted by Harper’s Bazaar beauty director  Jessica Matlin and former Marie Claire editor Jennifer Goldstein Sullivan, the show delivers a huge dose of intel from the pair’s many adventures in the beauty world, with celebrity interviews and lots of great advice from industry experts, from make-up artists to manicurists to dermatologists and more.
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3.  Georgie Whirl
George Wayne is famous for his extraordinary way with language and notorious for his aggressive, no-holds-barred celebrity interview style, which made the column he wrote for Vanity Fair until 2015 one of the highlights of every issue.
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Yes bishes! It’s ON!💥🎵🎬#georgiewhirl is now LIVE! These times demand wit and resilience and astute conversation on all topics “Poperature” a word this arbiter defines to consider all things resonant in our popular culture!💥the image above our last taping before pandemic sought to wreak havoc. Nicola Vassell and Georgie Whirl Executive Producer Will Roberson White delivered!! Get that Spotify app and download all of you💥💥💥the debut of my groundbreaking pod!! Word according to @georgiewhirlofficial💥 we debut with a searing no holds barred conversation with the iconic author Candace Bushnell. Her latest book “Rules For Being A Girl” debuts on April 7. And since it was GW who was the one to introduce her to the real “Mr Big” and that in turn led to her creative fecund! We talk about all that and more !! So download my Pod!! Join the Georgie Whirl bandwagon on Spotify 🎵🎧🎬❤️!!!!!

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4. Incharge With DVF
Each week, Diane von Furstenberg visits modern luminaries such as Priyanka Chopra, Karlie Kloss, and Kris Jenner for revealing conversations around their successes, vulnerabilities, and their journey of becoming who they are and what being a woman “Incharge” means to them.
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5. Blamo!
Hosted by Jeremy Kirkland , Blamo! explores the world of fashion and people who shape it: designers, actors, athletes, creative directors, and more. Each week, he speaks to a different guest about their experiences throughout their careers and outlook for the future.
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6. Fashion No Filter
Hosted by Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley, the show goes behind the scenes of the fashion industry in a way that is both highly informative and uproariously irreverent.
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ISOLATION SPECIAL Hello Fashion No Filter friends. We hope you are healthy and sane in this complicated time. We’ve been putting our heads “together” to come up with a way of bringing you a new episode from our respective quarantine spots. And now seems like a great time to give back to you, our loyal listeners! We’re always sad not to be able to answer all of your burning questions on the pod, so now it’s time for FNF: ASK US ANYTHING. That’s right: it’s question time. Send us your queries and thoughts about anything industry-related (within reason)! We’ll be selecting our favourites over the next week for our in isolation special. DM us here on the FNF account or email us at fashionnofilter@gmail.com Stay home, stay safe, stay tuned! Love Camille and Monica

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