Feeling The Love With Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day Campaign Star, Devyn Garcia

by Freya Drohan

February 14—the most divisive holiday of all—is almost upon us, but we’re only looking at things with heart-eyed emojis after sitting down with Devyn Garcia. The runway regular is once again featuring in the red and pink-filled Valentine’s Day campaign for Victoria’s Secret, alongside fellow models who know how to put self-love, confidence, and female empowerment at the forefront. From the romantic act that gives her all the feels to the pal she shares the biggest laugh with on set, here’s what makes Garcia’s heart soar…

What’s your modeling back story? Where were you discovered and at what age?
My mom modeled back in the ’90s & early 2000s and when I was in high school, people started telling me that I should try it as well. My mom traveled to so many beautiful places and I’ve always loved traveling, so I thought I would give it a try. During my last year of high school, I sent digitals to agencies everywhere: LA, New York, Miami, and London. Ultimately, an agent in NYC wanted to sign me! Once I graduated and turned 18, I packed my bags to move to NYC to pursue it full-time.

You’ve been working with VS for a while now. What did it feel like the first time you saw yourself in their campaign imagery?
I was so nervous and excited…I had butterflies! I took selfies with my first campaign in stores. I couldn’t believe it. I used to go into the stores shopping with my mom and now my photos are displayed. It is still so surreal!

Tell us about shooting this Valentine’s Day campaign—any funny behind the scenes moments?
When I’m on set with VS, we always end up cracking jokes and listening to upbeat music, and the Valentine’s Day campaign shoot was exactly the same! The funniest moments always happen when filming videos. I’m a bit goofy, so I always do funny faces or body movements to lighten the mood. Once I do that, everyone else starts to act goofy too and it keeps it light, playful, and energetic [on set].

Devyn Garcia

Let’s talk about some ‘loves’ when it comes to modeling! What do you love about being part of the Victoria’s Secret family, and being a part of campaigns like this?
I love that every time I walk on set, I’m always treated with respect and kindness. VS really tries to make everyone feel welcomed and feel comfortable being themselves. I love being part of campaigns that encourage women to celebrate themselves and the people they care about as they are.

What do you love to do before a shoot to channel your inner confidence?
I love taking a hot shower to start my day. When I arrive on set, I love talking to the photographer and creative team to know what the mood is so I can start building up the shoot in my head. This gives me confidence.

Which fellow models do you love to do campaigns, runway shows, and travel with?
All the girls I shoot with are amazing, but working with Mayowa [Nicholas] is always a blast. She’s hilarious and always giddy!

Which models do you look up to for advice?
I seek advice from Paloma [Elsesser]. She’s a fellow curvy model who has been doing this for longer than I have, so I always trust the advice she gives. She also has a ton of life experience so I feel like I can ask her about anything.

Are you typically a fan of Valentine’s Day? What’s been your most memorable Feb 14th so far?
I love it for the chocolate! A memorable Valentine’s Day was the time I went to a little Italian restaurant with my friends, and we stayed until closing. We didn’t even realize everyone was gone until we heard the staff stacking the chairs!

When you close your eyes and think of the word ‘love,’ what’s a memory that comes to mind?
Holding both my parents’ hands and swinging between them. Looking up and seeing these people that care for me and want nothing but the best for me.

In your eyes, what’s the most romantic thing someone can do?
Cooking! I love knowing someone is cooking for me. They don’t even have to be good, but knowing they have the desire to make something for me is so romantic!

What always makes a great Valentine’s Day gift?
Valentine’s Day gifts are amazing because you can gift your partner, friends, or yourself! Overall, you can never go wrong with chocolates or flowers! It’s always the thought that counts. The Victoria’s Secret Archives Rosette Corset Top would also be a stunning gift for your partner. Alternatively, I would gift myself or a friend a comfy pajama set like the Satin Long PJ Set or Short PJ Set.

Devyn Garcia

What’s your advice for single people who typically don’t like Valentine’s Day?
I’ve been single for quite a few Valentine’s Days, but spending it with your friends is always unforgettable and so much fun. If you don’t have any single friends, then it’s always fun to take yourself on a date and treat yourself a little.

What are five things you’re most passionate about right now?

*Loving myself. I feel like we can get so caught up that we forget to check in with how we’re doing ourselves. I’m trying to be more aware of this.

*Cooking and trying new foods. The first thing I do when I visit a new place is finding out what their most popular dish is and tasting it.

*Taking my vitamins and probiotics in the morning. It’s a little silly but I can feel the difference when I don’t take them compared to when I do, because I have more energy.

*Trying new activities. I’m trying to find new hobbies. Last week, I took my first pottery class and really enjoyed it. I’m already looking for more classes near me to try!

*Drinking herbal teas. I prefer to have them at night because it calms me before bed.

What’s on your career bucket list for 2024 and beyond?
That’s a hard one for me! Of course, there are brands I would love to work with, but I don’t want to jinx it…..

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