Grace Elizabeth Is Our Model Of The Year! Get To Know The Catwalk & Campaign Queen

by Freya Drohan

Maybe Grace Elizabeth is a superhero. It’s the only way to explain her omnipresence in the modeling world! There’s little Elizabeth hasn’t achieved in her career—from covers to campaigns to catwalks—and there’s no one more deserving of Model of the Year. Even more impressive, she’s a model example to her son, Noah, who’s gracing the pages of Vogue’s September issue in his little dragon costume—surely a major flex in the playground!

How’s your summer been?
Everybody was pumping out jobs, so I was in a different state every day for nearly two weeks, which was wild. We had a staycation in New York for a breather, then went to the Hamptons and Upstate to be in a bit more nature. We were in Florida, too, and now we’re in Europe, just kind of bouncing around.

So do you actually get some vacation time now for a little bit?
Yes, I do—thank goodness. I’ve had roughly two weeks now.

Do you have Fashion Month plans? It’s like we see you walking all year around anyway!
It’s a lot! There are so many off-season shows and a constant outpouring of new collections, so it does feel like every month there’s a show somewhere… it’s Fashion Year!

What’s your favorite thing about taking part in a show?
It’s the one time where all of my friends are in the same spot. It’s nice to be able to sit down, have a coffee or dinner, catch up, and pal around for nearly a month. I still like to walk shows and still get excited. Three hours of prep and buildup, then you’re on the runway for a minute and a half, if even. But it’s pure adrenaline, and so much fun.

Grace Elizabeth at Cannes in May 2023 (Getty)

How do you survive the madness?
I’ve always been “the mom,” even before I became a mom. Backstage, if anybody needs anything, I’m the go-to for emergencies. I’ve always got snacks, Band-Aids, feminine products, hygiene products. Anything you can imagine or need.

You’re CVS!
Yes, I’m CVS! Oh, gosh, when did I get so old!

What was your first-ever show that you did?
I had an exclusive with Miu Miu back in 2017. I was the third girl out, and I was absolutely terrified. But it kind of launched everything.

We’re thrilled to celebrate you as Model of the Year. How are you feeling about it?
I’m so honored! I’ve been doing this since I was 16, and I’m 26 now. It’s nice to have that recognition. All the hours and the sacrifices…especially now that I have a kid and it’s not always easy with the balance. So to hear, “You’re doing a good job”  means a lot. A few of my friends will be there, too! And Elizaveta Porodina is getting her award. I’m excited to see her, congratulate her, and support her and hang out afterward. She’s bringing her husband and mine’s going to be there. So it’s like a double date!

Grace Elizabeth by Elizaveta Porodina

How did you get your start?
I had been doing mall shows in my town—wearing prom dresses walking down the middle of the mall! I don’t know if you remember a bumper, but it’s a thing that goes on your head and you brush your hair over it and use a crazy amount of hair spray. That was the Florida way! We started to take it a bit more seriously, and my mom sent in my photos online to an agency. We heard back from some places in Miami, and I signed with one of them. I worked for Walmart and Beall’s, which is an outlet store, and then somehow I became the Guess girl, which gave me the courage to move to New York.

From malls to Miu Miu! Do you remember your first cover?
My first magazine cover was a Current magazine from my hometown, which I hope nobody ever digs up! But one of my first editorial moments in the fashion industry was Elle Mexico in June 2015.

Again, it’s a nice jump from your hometown magazine…
I’m pretty sure I was sitting on a Jeep in a hayfield on that one!

You’re the first global awareness ambassador for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, a cause close to your heart. What’s up with them recently?
September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, so we’ll be promoting that. We’re trying to work out an event right now, too, to hold something special for them in New York. And they’re also affiliated with the New York Marathon on November 5.

You’re running?
Yes, I have already signed up, though running is not my strong suit! That’s the equivalent of a lot of runways to be walking! Exactly…I don’t have to get there first, I just have to get there!

Lastly, any parenting advice that you would give to other working moms?
You’re doing two jobs. You’re doing great, because you’re doing a job that a superhero would do. As long as your kid is happy and healthy, you’re doing fine. Just find the balance for yourself as well. That way, when you’re with your child, you’re able to give yourself to them.

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