Sustainable & Chic Brands To Love For Earth Day—And Beyond!

From fashion to jewelry, these eco-conscious labels are ones to watch.

by Aaron Royce
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Sustainability is more than a buzzword—especially on Earth Day! In honor of the eco-conscious holiday, we’re spotlighting chic labels to love that cherish the planet. Numerous brands have been championing sustainable style since their founding. Just look at editor-beloved Everlane, which has aimed to minimize product waste and pollution from its very first collections. Jewelry brands like Senia New York, With Clarity, and more utilize elements like lab-grown gemstones, recycled metals, and upcycled packaging to ensure their wares benefit the earth and last a lifetime. Meanwhile, low-impact production, hand crafting, and profit-sharing methods can be seen at Nomasei, Melie Bianco, Cariuma, and more labels, emphasizing style and sustainability within consciously made pieces.

Below, discover eco-friendly brands to know now and cherish forever.


With a mission to make the responsible choice a simple one, Everlane crafts fashion staples while upholding transparency. Founded by Michael Preysman and Jesse Farmer, the label curates a collection of long-lasting essentials like cashmere, cotton T-shirts, coats, and more, produced by factories scored for fairness and eco-friendliness. As an added step, the brand shares the real cost of its premium materials and production with customers, building a movement one chic piece at a time.

Piper & Skye

Founded by Joanna MacDonald, Piper & Skye crafts a narrative of fashion with purpose. The brand’s textured handbags are crafted from sustainable materials with a drastically reduced carbon footprint, like Amazonian fish leather. Their circular pieces are not just accessories, but statements of social responsibility—as testified with their Butterfly Mark certification. The label aims to pioneer a luxury market where every handbag symbolizes circular economy principles, offering a stylish antidote to the take-make-waste paradigm.

Piper & Skye, bags, sustainable brands

Piper & Skye’s Malaga bucket bag (Courtesy of Piper & Skye)

Amour Vert

Linda Balti, a former flight simulator designer, and Christoph Frehsee, an engineer turned landmine safety innovator, bring a fusion of high-tech and high-style to eco-conscious fashion with Amour Vert. Born from a realization during the duo’s travels about fashion’s environmental impact, the brand—which translates to green love in French—plants a tree for every t-shirt sold. Amour Vert stands as a testament to Parisian elegance and California’s eco-ethos, offering pieces that are as kind to the planet as they are to your wardrobe.

Paradigm Eyewear

Eldad Weiss’s brand Paradigm Eyewear blends fashionable design with environmental responsibility. The label’s eco-friendly frames, including Eastman Tritan Renew sun lenses, support a circular economy with renewably sourced materials. This allows hero pieces like the Sid and Bode frames to not only offer a statement look, but also contribute to combating the climate crisis in a conscious way.

With Clarity

With Clarity is bringing a sustainable take to fine jewelry industry. The brand’s elegant pieces range from eternity and engagement rings to an array of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more, all crafted with glistening lab-grown diamonds. With all pieces made locally in New York, it’s become a leader in revamping the traditional field of fine jewelry craftsmanship with a lower environmental impact.

With Clarity, Reserve collections, diamonds, jewelry

With Clarity’s Reserve campaign (Courtesy of With Clarity)

Maketh Thou

Maanasa Muralidhara began fashion brand Maketh Thou with an emphasis on in-house construction. The brand’s pieces—including biker jackets, jeans, and more—are all crafted from by-product leather at Muralidhara’s family factory, where her father has worked as a technologist for decades. It also serves as the setting for Maketh Thou’s designs, manufacturing, and packaging, allowing Muralidhara to remain complete control over its production, quality, and output.

Maketh Thou, fashion, sustainability

Maketh Thou’s Uno biker jacket (Courtesy of Maketh Thou)


Cariuma’s been making waves since its sustainable sneakers launched in 2018. The brand’s low, high, and skate styles are all made with LWG-certified leather and recycled mesh, complete with mamona oil-sourced cork insoles. And the lightweight footwear also gives back to the planet, to boot—for every pair purchased, Cariuma plants 10 trees.

Cariuma, sneakers, sustainability

Cariama’s Salvas sneakers (Courtesy of Cariuma)

Melie Bianco

PETA-award-winning label Melia Bianco specializes in affordable, cruelty-free handbags. The brand’s pieces are all made in a profit-sharing model, ensuring it doesn’t outsource its workers. For added impact, all of its shoulder, tote, crossbody, and mini bags are crafted from vegan leather—making its practices both fair to employees and friendly to the earth.

Melie Bianco, handbags, sustainable, sustainable fashion

Melie Bianco handbags (Courtesy of Melie Bianco)

Senia New York

Senia New York emphasizes functionality, with sisters Christina and Gina Senia aiming to reduce overconsumption since re-establishing their family’s jewelry business in 2020. The pair’s pieces ensure a conscious start with materials like recycled metals and ethically-sourced gemstones. For added responsibility, its earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more are made with modular designs, allowing pieces to be worn upwards of 50 different ways. As an extra bonus, the label’s packaging materials even double as jewelry travel cases.

Sonia New York, jewelry, sustainability

Senia New York’s Cora earrings (Courtesy of Senia New York)


Founded in 2019 by Paule Tenaillon and Marine Braquet, Nomasei has emerged as a sustainable shoe label to watch. The brand’s footwear is only crafted in a single Tuscan factory, with a controlled environmental impact from non-international outsourcing—as well as practices like reusing unpolluted tanning water. The label’s chic lineup of loafers, sandals, platforms, and booties are all crafted with materials including Reach-certified leather and solvent-free glue, further ensuring conscious craft.

Nomasei, shoes, sustainability

Nomasei’s Adora sandals (Courtesy of Nomasei)

Additional reporting by Moriel Mizrahi and Bella Becker.

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