10 Stylish Sweatpants Perfect for Quarantine and Beyond

by Tangie Silva

Even if you’ve been rocking the same pair of sweatpants since college (this editor certainly has), there’s always the option for an upgrade, and now, honestly, seems like the perfect time. Athleisure, as a trend, isn’t going away any time soon and thankfully that means designers are upping the game on sweats. Check out some casual but still cool looks you won’t be embarrassed to wear outside of your home. Not that you should be leaving your home right now. Because you shouldn’t. Stay home, you guys. Stay home!

1. MOSCHINO Teddy Patch cotton sweat pants, $510

2. KORAL ACTIVEWEAR Zone Scuba pants, $123

3. WILDFOX COUTURE Tennis Club Pants, $88


5. LOVERS + FRIENDS Evette Jogger, $110

6. ALTERNATIVE APPAREL Printed Eco-Fleece Jogger Pant, $58

7. NAKED CASHMERE Aubrina Jogger Pant, $275

8. AMERICAN EAGLE High-Waisted Printed Sherpa Jogger, $16

9. COTTON CITIZEN Brooklyn Cargo Pant, $355

10. CALVIN KLEIN PERFORMANCE Tropical-Print Drawstring Pants, $42

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