Charlotte Bickley Asks! Meet Hilary Hoffman Of SOTO Method

by Sophie and Charlotte Bickley

Charlotte Bickley gets to know Hilary Hoffman, founder of SOTO Method. The workout concept, which stands for ‘Sixty On, Ten On,’ is a mix of cardio and sculpting movements for a maximum, full-body burn. Here’s what you need to know!

SOTO is one of my favorite go-to workouts. Can you explain the method and why you were inspired to start?
SOTO is a class I initially created for myself. Physically, I wanted to find a way to define my core, sculpt my arms, and build my endurance, all while sitting for 15 hours a day and eating the foods I love (enter: bread!) Mentally, I needed a space that would give me the opportunity to access my agency daily through movement. In four words, SOTO is ‘HIIT cardio meets Pilates.’ And in every class, we cue and exhaust each muscle in the body through a predictable roadmap that delivers both efficiency and results.

What were you doing professionally before launching SOTO?
I had spent nearly a decade in finance, working most notably at Goldman Sachs and Oaktree Capital Management. It goes without saying, but this type of career lends itself to a very sedentary lifestyle. I was lucky if I walked more than 1,000 steps on a given day.

How did your experience at Goldman, and in finance overall, influence the SOTO methodology?
My time at Goldman gave me both the awareness and vernacular to create a class that works. SOTO does not assume that you are walking 10,000 steps. On the contrary, SOTO delivers results because it was created with the assumption that this is your only movement of the day.

When did you start to see and feel the results?
I felt stronger after just three days, and I experienced increased muscle definition and endurance after six weeks. This is why I spent the better part of December designing SOTO’s ‘Transformational Program.’ When I first started SOTO, this is the 42-day plan I committed to and it changed everything. I started SOTO because I loved the workout, but I launched the app because it worked.

Your client base includes such a wide array of people—everyone from doctor to celebrities and analysts in investment banking—why do you think that is?
Any parent, doctor, actor, or investment banking analyst who is striving for excellence in their professional or personal life has one massive thing in common: they are all strapped for time. SOTO deeply respects your crazy schedule and promises to deliver strength in every single second we spend together, whether virtually or in-person.

Charlotte Bickley and Hillary Hoffman

Where can people find SOTO?
You can find SOTO in the App store by searching for ‘SOTO Method’ or online at If you live in Miami, come sweat with us at Modo Yoga in Sunset Harbor where I teach my signature SOTO Sweat class twice a week. In NYC, there’s a monthly pop-up at Casa Cipriani. Follow @sotomethod for all the updates on upcoming pop-up classes (we may be coming to your city next!)

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