7 Fabulous Manicure Sets to Help You Get Your Talons in Order

by Tangie Silva

Trips to the nail salon are out for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean you have to let your nails get all raggedy if you don’t want to. Sure, you probably have a few nail polishes kicking around in a drawer somewhere, but there’s a lot more to a salon-quality manicure than polish alone. Here are some high-quality kits to help keep your talons looking their best. 

1. SALLY HANSEN Salon Gel Polish Starter Kit, $60
It literally has everything you need to recreate a salon gel manicure — from the base coat to the LED lamp. Plus, you should be able to get about 10 manicures out of just one set. That’s about $6 per manicure. A better deal on gels simply doesn’t exist.

2. DEBORAH LIPPMANN Cuticle Lab, $45
Forget what you think you know about keeping your cuticles in line. This four-piece set comes with detailed instructions and all the tools and products necessary to do it right! The remover exfoliates to soften without soaking, the oil moisturizes to stop any splitting or peeling — perfect if you already have brittle nails — and the cure cream is full of shea butter, raspberry stem cell extract, vitamins A, C, and E, and other nourishing ingredients. Finally, you get a professional-grade, stainless steel dual-ended tool called a “pusher” to remove stubborn cuticles without damaging your nails.

3. ZOYA Naked Manicure Hydrate & Heal Kit, $34
In addition to the brand’s best selling trio of polishes — Buff Perfector, Naked Base, and Glossy Seal — this manicure set comes with the brand’s new hydrating serum and cream. The serum has a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid formula to lock in moisture, while the cream is light and non-greasy to help brighten the skin.

4. OLIVE & JUNE The Everything Box, $80
This is the whole shebang and you get to pick six colors of polish. There’s a polish remover pot to take off your old shade or use the a clean-up brush for easy touch-ups. In addition to a flat-edge nail clipper, dual-grit nail file, and buffer cube, there’s also a cuticle serum infused with cactus flower.

5. DASHING DIVA French Wrap manicure kit, $45
There’s nothing wrong with a classic! With this set you get 140 thick and 140 thin white bands along with glue, top and base coat, and two separate sponges to shape the perfect tip on each finger. Even if you’re a first timer, there’s a complete instruction guide to help you along. And remember, precision is everything so take your time. You have tons now.
6. L’OCCITANE OMY Manicure Kit, $77
Half the enjoyment of a manicure is the hand care and massage, right? With this manicure set, you not only get a scrub and cream, but also a nail and cuticle oil to finish. Each product is from the company’s famous shea butter line, so in addition to the ultra moisturizing element, the scent has sweet notes of honey, almond extract, and coconut oil. The bonus is the fun coloring book-style packaging created by Parisian graphic illustrations from OMY. You get a pink and blue Sharpie to help get some coloring therapy going too.

7. JOYA MIA Dipping Powder Starter Kit, $110
The latest innovation in nails aka dipping combines the durability you get from acrylics and the wearability of a gel manicure. While there’s a slew of these flooding the market, we recommend this pricer set. It’s salon quality with every single item you need to perfect your look and clearly numbered for easy application. And you get three nail colors to choose from as well!

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