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LVMH officially bought Tiffany & Co. this week. How much did it pay for the jeweler?

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LVMH has bought Tiffany & Co. for $16.2 billion in an all-cash acquisition. When the rumors first swirled in October the jewelry brand was said to be worth $12 billion. LVMH allegedly made an offer for $120 per share in an all-cash bid of $14.5 billion earlier this month, but Tiffany was said to be looking for $140 per share. In the official deal, LVMH will pay $135 per share. This is one of the conglomerate’s largest-ever buys — it paid $13 billion to acquire Dior in 2017.

Just how limited is the limited-edition run of Prada and Adidas' collaboration?

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The surprise collaboration of the season is finally here. Prada for Adidas Limited Edition features the Superstar sneaker and a new version of Prada’s iconic bowling bag, which takes inspiration from Adidas gym bags. Only 700 of each item will be available, all of which will be numbered. The collab will be available December 4 online through Adidas and Prada, as well as in select Prada stores.

Which British model was told she was "too fat" to open Milan Fashion Week last season?

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“I was absolutely fuming to be told by a brand that I was ‘too fat’ to open this year’s Milan Fashion Week,” Edie Campbell recently told The Guardian. While she would not name which brand made the comments, she claims she found out after remarks were made to her agents. “[My agent] had to call and tell me that ‘It had been a little bit difficult in the fitting’ and ‘You’re a little bit bigger than you were last year.’ I was incensed that I had to find out that way.”

Which magazine did Condé Nast Italy shutter this week?

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The December/January issue of Italian Glamour will be its last. Condé Nast Italy is shuttering the title after 27 years. “My main concern now is to create products able to accompany our public in the future,” says Fedele Usai, CEO of Condé Nast Italy. “We have to take hard decisions, including closing a storied title like Glamour, which has always talked to an audience that, now and even more in the future, accesses contents in very different ways than in the past.”

Who is suing Fashion Nova for copyright infringement?

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Versace is suing fast fashion retailer Fashion Nova for replicating a number of its trademarked patterns and garments, including the “Jungle Dress” made popular by Jennifer Lopez, which Versace rightfully calls one of the “most iconic dresses of all time”. Versace claims Fashion Nova “manufactured, marketed and sold apparel using the same or substantially similar copyrighted designs and confusingly similar trademarks and trade dress.” The Fashion Law explains that “trade dress” is a subset of trademark law covering the “overall image” of a product.

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