Breaking the mold: How Elodie Goldberg redefines beauty standards

by Nandini Vaid

Gone are the days of a single career path. Modern women are shattering limitations and embracing their multifaceted selves. Endless possibilities come from flexible work arrangements, online learning platforms, and a growing acceptance of multi-hyphenates. Whether a marketing whiz moonlighting as a yoga instructor or a doctor pursuing a passion for coding, women are now empowered to explore diverse interests and build fulfilling careers that reflect their unique talents. The newfound freedom allows them to achieve financial security, personal satisfaction, and a life beyond being one-dimensional. 

So, when Elodie Goldberg had to choose between modeling and acting, she chose both.  

Elodie is more than a typical model. Forget towering figures and cookie-cutter features. The Belgian beauty is carving her path, proving that true success lies in embracing what makes you unique and taking every opportunity.  

Her modeling journey began after a visit to London, not on a glamorous catwalk, but in a hairdressing academy. Scouted for her distinctive features and petite frame, she started modeling for Vidal Sassoon, defying industry standards that often favor a specific look. Her success, however, went beyond hair campaigns. Major beauty brands, like Valentino and L’Oreal, quickly recognized her captivating presence. Elodie’s face, a canvas for bold makeup and diverse styles, challenged the narrow definition of beauty in the industry. 

Prominent modeling agencies also recognized the model’s spirit and captivating features. Dominique Models, the leading agency in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg, signed her for a contract. Elodie is also signed with Flag Models in Brussels, Wanted Models in Paris, and Zebedee in the United Kingdom, showing her proficiency in working the camera and serving stunning looks.  

Photo by Kristof Nuyttens

Yet, Elodie’s ambition extended beyond the camera’s gaze. Just a year into modeling, she discovered a passion for acting. Unlike models who transitioned years later, she acted swiftly, landing her first role in the commercial, Tomorrowland, directed by renowned filmmaker Stijn Waterman. It ignited a fire within her, a desire to explore storytelling alongside modeling. Moreover, the first job masterfully merged fiction and commercial aspects, opening Elodie to its possibilities.  

The model-actress’s career trajectory reflects this duality. She seamlessly switches between captivating audiences in commercials and web series like “Girls Story Queer.” Recently, she even shared the screen with Taryn Manning in a pilot episode.  

 Elodie’s story is an inspiration for aspiring models and actresses alike. She shatters the myth of a singular path to success. She embodies the modern woman, refusing to be confined by a single label. She is both a model and actress, defying expectations and proving that women can truly have it all. 

As she breaks the mold on multiple fronts, one thing is certain: Elodie Goldberg is a force to be reckoned with, paving the way for a more inclusive and dynamic future in entertainment. 

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