The Fashion Los Angeles Awards Top Red Carpet Moments

Stars shared reflections, memories, and family reunions at the 2024 FLAs.

by Aaron Royce
Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rachel Goodwin, Erin Walsh, Fashion Los Angeles Awards, FLAs, red carpet, awards

The Fashion Los Angeles Awards (FLAs) hosted its eighth annual soirée at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunday night. Before the ceremony hosted by Celeste Barber began, we took a moment to speak with winners, guests, and more on the red carpet. From career highlights to family reunions, discover the top moments below.  

What’s one of your favorite beauty moments from working together over the years?
Rachel Goodwin, Makeup Artist of the Year: “You know what came to me? The Marie Claire cover that we shot that was black and white. You had dark hair, it was so different for you, because we did something really…You looked so different! We did ’60s eyes, dark hair. I forget which role that was for, but you had dark hair. It was just so fun to just get out of the comfort zone and do something radically different, but there’s been so many.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar: “I think, for me, it’s always that I know that I don’t even ever have to look in the mirror when she does my makeup because I can put 100% control into her—which, for a person that’s a control freak like myself, is a very big step.”

RG: “I used to say you’ve never looked in the mirror, Sarah. She really never has looked in the mirror! When I do her makeup, she just goes. I’ve never met anyone that put that much trust in me,  especially in the early stages of my career. It really gave me the confidence that I needed to know I was meant to do this.”

SMG: “I met her the week that she moved to LA, to leap over from fashion and come over to the dark side.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rachel Goodwin, red carpet, Fashion Los Angeles Awards

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rachel Goodwin

Everyone in your family is so close. How do you stay grounded together in Hollywood?
Lisa Rinna: “You just communicate, and you stay close. It’s really important.”

Harry Hamlin: “Love has something to do with it.”

LR: “We do like each other, which is a good thing!”

Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin, red carpet, Fashion Los Angeles Awards

Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin

How does it feel to be Model of the Year?
Amelia Gray, Model of the Year: “Woah! That’s the first time I’ve heard it out loud, and, like…actually, woah. Everyone will hear in my speech how I really feel. It’s very surreal. This was my first-ever fashion event I went to at 15 years old.”

Amelia Gray, red carpet, Fashion Los Angeles Awards

Amelia Gray

What do you wish you could tell yourself in your early styling days?
Erin Walsh, Stylist of the Year: “I wish I had known that I was already enough to begin with. I think we all spend so much time doubting ourselves or going through some kind of self-analysis, when if you recognize that you’re already enough that is your canvas, the passion and everything—that’s when it gets really fun. You start giving yourself that compassion and that love.”

Fashion Los Angeles Awards, FLAs, red carpet, awards

Erin Walsh

What do you feel your legacy is within the beauty world?
Anastasia Soare, Beauty Innovator of the Year: “I want to be remembered as the woman that reinvented eyebrows, that’s for sure. And continuing to come with new ideas to innovate products. Me and my daughter, I think she took the torch of innovation and she came with incredible ideas and incredible products. It’s important for us.”

Fashion Los Angeles Awards, FLAs, red carpet, awards

Claudia and Anastasia Soare

What’s a piece of advice you’d give young fashion entrepreneurs starting out today?
Jerry Lorenzo, Designer of the Year: “Just hone in on their own unique point of view. That’s the only thing that will give you staying power.”

Fashion Los Angeles Awards, FLAs, red carpet, awards

Desiree Manuel and Jerry Lorenzo

What do you know your impact has been within the fashion world?
Bob Mackie, Lifetime Achievement: “People like what I do. It’s a hard one to answer! But on the other hand, people like to get dressed up for big occasions like this one or award shows, things like that. And I have influenced it, I think.”

Fashion Los Angeles Awards, FLAs, red carpet, awards

Bob Mackie

What’s a special moment you’ve had with Bob Mackie over the years?
Sandra Lee: “I went to an auction and I bought two of his 1960’s watercolor drawings of Lucille Ball’s outfits, because he did water colorings to show the celebrities what they were going to wear before he made them. And then I went to auction and bought one of the original Sonny and Cher gowns. I’d have to have a rib removed to wear it, but I have it, and it’s gorgeous.”

Fashion Los Angeles Awards, FLAs, red carpet, awards

Sandra Lee

You just came in from Australia. What’s the greatest difference between Australia and LA?
Celeste Barber, Host: “I was gonna say the weather, but that’s probably the most similar thing. I don’t know. I don’t have a specific thing that’s different. The accents, the lack of knowing what sarcasm is.”

Fashion Los Angeles Awards, FLAs, red carpet, awards

Celeste Barber

How did you prepare to attend your first Fashion Los Angeles Awards?
Paige DeSorbo: “I had a bunch of options and then I saw this, and I love a set—but I also thought it was a little bit different. I’m obsessed, for sure. I laid in bed all day, and then 30 minutes before hair and makeup came, I got in the shower—and then that was my prep for the day.”

Fashion Los Angeles Awards, FLAs, red carpet, awards

Paige DeSorbo

All images: Getty Images for The Daily Front Row

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