9 Chic Wedding Dress Trends for Every Type of Bride

by The Daily Front Row
wedding dress trends

For Fall 2020, wedding dress designers are catering more than ever to a variety of bridal needs and personalities. Want a frock that will look great on Instagram? Or something short and sweet for the reception? Or perhaps you’re going for an anti-bride vibe? There are plenty of options to satisfy everyone’s needs this season. To help you break down all the biggest wedding dress trends, here are some of the best styles for every bride.

1. The Old-School Romantic Bride
Love romance novels, or period dramas? Live that life on your big day with a gown that evokes the beauty of another time.

2. The Low-Key Bride
Many women are increasingly choosing to keep it casual. But that doesn’t mean they don’t still want to be chic! There looks are perfect for a lunchtime backyard ceremony, a quick jaunt to City Hall, or an elopement.

3. Sophisticated Suits
Want to look suave as you strut down the runway? There are plenty of chic suit options that range from dapper, to avant-garde, to obviously bridal.

4. Gowns for the ‘Gram
It’s not just that they’re big, it’s that they have interesting architectural features that would make anyone stop scrolling through their feed.

5. The High-Fashion Bride
A little bit avant-garde, a little bit edgy, these gowns are fashion forward and will absolutely been seen coming down the aisle at fashion insider weddings.

6. Frocks for the Party Bride
These little numbers are perfect for women who want to dance and kick up their heels at the reception. They’re also good options for brides who want to bring the party to their walk down the aisle.

7. The Minimalist Princess
No, minimalism does not automatically mean a column dress. Some big gowns have such beautiful lines or silhouettes they don’t require much in terms of additional adornment.

8. The Punk Bride
Are you punk? Goth? Hypebeast? Something in-between? There were plenty of options this season for the bride that wants to put her own spin on tradition.

9. Slip Dresses
Of course one of the year’s hottest eveningwear trends has made its way into the bridal world. These slip dresses are perfect for anyone who wants something that’s simple, but also incredibly sexy. Bridal slip dresses are the new bridal bodycon!

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