How Zadig & Voltaire Is Bringing Its High Fashion Edge to the Hamptons

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Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire may be best known for its rockstar attitude. So you can imagine how excited Hamptonites were when the brand brought its edginess out East. Fans were thrilled to explore Zadig’s East Hampton boutique, and get their hands on everything from the new collection.

For Fall ’19, Zadig & Voltaire looked to the free-spirited sensibility of the ’90s. “Chic-destroyed” is how creative director Cecilia Bönström described her work backstage last year, when the collection was presented at the iconic New York club-turned-event-space, The Tunnel. Heeled cowboy boots were paired with relaxed tuxedos and jeans, suggesting a cool nonchalance.

It’s no wonder that the brand has opened countless boutiques all over the world in recent years. But what sparked the decision to set up shop in the Hamptons? The Daily Summer caught up with Christopher Tate, CEO of Zadig & Voltaire, to learn all about the brand’s change of scenery.

When did Zadig first set up shop in the Hamptons?
We have done installations the past few summers, along with special events. We felt it was time to establish our long-term home in this special community.

How did you decide on the location?
I found the space while in town for an event. I loved that it was one of the spaces you encountered first as you drove into town, with a corner presence. We love that we can be a part of the welcome process to East Hampton.

What are some of the most popular items that were flying off the shelves this summer?
Our beautiful printed Japanese silk dresses, our new swim line, and our iconic featherweight cashmere, which is perfect for summer nights.

Are there any Fall offerings currently at the East End store that would be great transitional pieces?
So, so many! We always design products to be ready to wear now. Everything in the store is curated for the East Hampton experience.

Zadig & Voltaire

(Fred Meylan)

Will the Hamptons outpost be open after the summer season?
Yes, we plan to be a part of the year-round community.

What was the concept for the Fall campaign shoot?
Our Fall campaign was shot with Kate Moss. She perfectly represents the Zadig spirit, and has been a longtime friend of the brand.

What are some of the major trends for Fall?
Zadig has its own unique way of dressing and styling, with masculine and feminine styles that are incredibly elevated and chic. When paired and styled the right way, you will look like you walked off our runway show in New York or Paris. Our stylists in the store are there to help you create looks that will be perfect for you.

When will the Fall collection hit shelves?
It’s in stores now!

What’s next for Zadig & Voltaire?
We’ll show this season in Paris at The Ritz, and we have the must-be-at party of Paris Fashion Week, hosted by Kate Moss. In NYC, we’re hosting a special event with the NBA and The Shoe Surgeon [Dominic Ciambrone] to showcase our upcoming collaborations.

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