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How many scents are in Celine's new perfume collection?

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Hedi Slimane has dropped a first look of the Celine haute parfumerie collection on Instagram, which features a whopping 11 scents. Nine will be released this fall, with another two coming out in 2020.

Which designer did Taylor Swift team up with to create merch for her new album?

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Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover, just dropped. But earlier this week fans are got a first look at the album’s merchandise, designed by Stella McCartney. The collaboration features tees, sweatshirts, jackets, and more, drawing from vintage graffiti, band tees, and, of course, directly from Swift herself. In addition to song lyrics appearing on the wares, some pieces also feature the singer’s cat, Benjamin Button. Naturally, being a McCartney project, everything in the collection is made with sustainable, organic cotton.

Ryan Raftery announced that he is reviving one of his hilarious fashion-world parodies. Who is the subject of his one-man musical comedy?

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Five years ago, writer/producer/performer Ryan Raftery debuted his career-making work of fashion-skewering showmanship, “Ryan Raftery Is the Most Powerful Woman in Fashion.” The one-man musical comedy cabaret featured Raftery performing as a heightened version of Vogue HBIC Anna Wintour and made him an instant hit on the downtown NYC theater scene. Now he is bringing it back for two nights with the new title, “Ryan Raftery: The Anna Wintour Musical.” Raftery has also updated some of the content and added some new musical numbers to keep the show fresh.

What is Ann Demeulemeester designing these days?

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Six years after leaving her namesake label — and the world of fashion — behind, Ann Demeulemeester has a new design project: tableware. In a new profile, Demeulemeester reveals that she has spent the last few years learning how to work with porcelain. She will soon release a full collection, including plates, silverware, and glassware, with Serax. There is even lighting, which she designed in collaboration with her husband, Patrick Robyn. “Larger housewares” will be released as early as October.

Hampton Court Palace in the UK will soon display a piece of fabric worn by a famous monarch. Who is it?

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After “thousands of hours” of conservation work, a piece of fabric from one of Queen Elizabeth I’s dresses is going on display at Hampton Court Palace, in the UK. No full clothing worn by the monarch — who reigned from 1558 to 1603 —has survived, so, naturally, this small piece has made historians quite excited. The fabric will be on display to the public from October 12 to February 23, 2020.

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