Hair Tips for Summer from z(ed)’s Carly Quist

by The Daily Front Row

It’s time! The summer rays have hit the Hamptons, and as the masses reemerge, so do the sun-soaked tresses. With Tahitian-born surfer-turned-swimwear-designer Hanalei Reponty as the face of Kérastase’s new Soleil collection campaign, THE DAILY SUMMER had to find out just how to snag that “It” mermaid du moment look. Hairstylist and salon owner of z(ed) New York Carly Quist gives her insider tips for the season.

Carly Quist

What do you think of when people say “summer hair”?
Effortless! This summer I’m all about hair being easy, fun, and enhancing what you have.

And what are the top concerns for hair this season?
Sun damage would definitely be at the top of the list. I find the biggest mistake women make is not protecting their hair all summer long, and that means not just when you’re on holiday. Just like we incorporate sunscreen into our daily skincare routine, we need to be adding sun protection into our daily haircare routine. Chlorine, of course, would be a close second. Any of my blondes out there, stay far away from it if you can. And if it’s a must, at least make sure you’re using the right hair protection! I’ve seen my fair share of a green hue coming back to me in the fall, and it’s definitely not easy to get out and not the best for the overall condition of your hair.

Are there any major missteps we should avoid when coming up with a summer look?
Don’t overthink it! Summer is all about being a little more carefree and fun. Your hair should definitely channel that vibe.

Have you spotted any trends?
Because we’ve all been housebound for the past couple of months, I find that this summer we’re going to see a lot of women either enhancing their “grown-out look” and going longer or completely chopping it off once they can get into the salon. As for styling, no-heat styling for me is always a big one in the summer. Braids or topknots are a great way to set the hair to create effortless texture minus the damage from a hot tool like a blow-dryer, curling iron, or flat iron.

Tell us about the new Soleil collection.
It provides sun protection for your hair. This range is essential for anyone who is spending any time outside this summer.

Is there one product from the line that is your absolute must?
Crème UV Sublime! Being a blonde, this is a must for me. I like to keep my lengths as light and bright as possible. During the summer months, my hair has a tendency to go off tone easily—brassiness is definitely not my friend. Crème UV Sublime has become a staple in my daily haircare routine to protect against any sunrays and keep my color looking fresh.


Any other tips for summer?
Hats! They’re the best way to protect your scalp from the sun. Your scalp is just as delicate as your face; it’s important that you’re protecting it as well.

What are you up to this summer?
Getting outside! As New York City is slowly starting to open I’m looking forward to seeing my friends again.


What’s next for Kérastase?
For all my fellow blondes, later this summer in August, we’re launching an intense overnight recovery serum called Blond Absolu Serum Cicanuit specifically for blonde hair. It’s so easy to add it to your nighttime routine, and it actually repairs your hair while you sleep. It has hyaluronic acid and edelweiss flower, and leaves hair with 89 percent less breakage and makes it 74 percent smoother

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