Extra Extra: Our Digital Magazine With Beauty Made in Italy is Here!

by Freya Drohan

As always, you can rely on your Daily to bring you the best of the best. That’s why we’re presenting the ultimate in luxury self-care: highlighting 12 Italian beauty brands that you need to have on your radar immediately.

Our digital magazine, in partnership with Beauty Made in Italy, takes readers on a deep dive through Italy’s rich history as a leader and innovator when it comes to the beauty and grooming industry. We’re also delving into the backstory of each brand and uncovering what makes them unique and uncovering the essential points that American readers need to know in order to channel their inner Sofia Loren.

From an innovative hair tool company to truffle-infused skincare and evocative fragrances, the magazine is not only full of their interesting heritage stories, but also insider tips and tricks that you would be mad to miss.

You can get all the scoop by accessing the magazine here.

And while we have you, you can also see what happened when we introduced some of our favorite tastemakers like Mary Leest, Krystal Bick, Bridget Bahl, and more to these 12 incredible brands.

Spoiler alert: they’re just as obsessed as you’re guaranteed to be!

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