The Good News Files: Part 1 Olivia Palermo, Shoshanna Gruss, Igee Okafor, Maye Musk and More!

by Eddie Roche

We don’t have to tell you that the past few months have been tough on us all, so we’ve been asking friends of THE DAILY SUMMER to send some good news our way. From the little things that improved their lives and hearts to major moments that will impact them forever, here are some of the positive things that have made a difficult time more bearable. Here’s part 1 of 3. 

Olivia Palermo
“A little good news coming out of the stay-at-home order we have been under these past few months is that I have had invaluable one-on-one time with my husband, Johannes. For two people who travel more often than not, having quality time at home together with our pup, Mr. Butler, is a rarity, and we’ve been given a special opportunity to do so. It’s been a silver lining to what has been a dark cloud casted over all of us.”

Olivia Palermo, Influencer

Shoshanna Gruss
“Gardening started as a homeschooling class and a way to get my children outside during quarantine, but now I have a green thumb. It’s such a relaxing and cathartic hobby that is much needed after the past few months. I have been wanting to do this for years and never had the time. Well, I certainly found the time this spring.”

Shoshanna Gruss, Designer

Igee Okafor
“In the past few weeks, we’ve seen an increased awareness in racial equality against black people in America. Although it can be tough to see the light at times, I’m proud of the continued efforts I’ve seen take place to help change and practice progressive consciousness worldwide. We’ve gotten to see how passionate, powerful, and bold we as a human race can be when we decide to come together to not only understand, but help one another and fight for what’s right. The unfortunate murder of George Floyd and all the terrible circumstances that followed after have ignited a serious fire to move forward fiercely and in the right direction. Books by black authors are sold out, black influence is being celebrated and empowered, and there seems to be more education and curiosities about our political system. These positives are good news.”

Igee Okafor, Influencer, Editor 
and Founder, Bond Official

Megan Williams
“A positive has been having the time to fully focus on HUNU, the company I founded last year. I have used this time to interact with our customers, build out our platforms, and to learn more and think of new ways we can build a better planet together.”

Megan Williams, Model

Alex Lundqvist “The 7 p.m. first responders celebration every day was filled with positivity.”

Alex Lundqvist, Model

Maye Musk
“My book, A Woman Makes a Plan, has been published in countries across the globe, including Russia, China, the Netherlands, Germany, and South Africa.”

Maye Musk, Model and Author


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