Editor’s Pick: Kérastase’s Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Collection

by Aaron Royce

What: Kérastase’s new Blond Absolu Cicaextreme line, specifically for bleached blondes. The haircare range boasts a creamy shampoo, conditioning mask, and hair oil that will keep your newly lightened locks moisturized, nourished, and shiny.

Who: Founded in 1964 by scientists at L’Oréal Advanced Research, Kérastase is now the #1 professional haircare brand in the world, selling their luxurious products in over 37,000 salons in 65 countries. With the help of Kérastase’s unique hair diagnosis and prescriptive approach, hairdressers are able to understand the particular needs of all scalps and hair types. Kérastase also created the first ever-personalized professional treatment – fusio dose — which has become so popular that, today, a woman experiences a fusio dose treatment in a salon around the world every six seconds.

Kérastase is also committed to reducing our impact on the planet. All their products are produced in a carbon neutral and dry plant in Spain and the products used at the backbar of their partner salons are 100% recycled. They are developing products using recycled plastic and are committed to being 100% recycled by 2025.

Why: This latest range is made for a painless, relaxing post-bleach recovery. If you’ve ever bleached your hair, you know that maintaining an extreme blonde mane is no walk in the park—and there’s never been an advanced, healthy way to care for it.  That is, until now! Kérastase’s line is both cutting-edge and indulgent—plus, the lavender and glass containers are undeniably aesthetically pleasing. We’re taking this as proof that (bleached) blondes really do have more fun!

Emily Ratajkowski for Kérastase (courtesy)

Where: Kérastase.com

How much: $35-$62, depending on the product.

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