Welfare Check! Sakara’s Danielle DuBoise Shares Her Wellness Tips To Help You Reach The NYFW Finish Line

by Freya Drohan

We’re almost there, chicettes! How are your adrenals? Chances are, you’re feeling v. v. v. close to burn out. Take a second to check in with yourself and implement some calming, zen-inducing hacks to make it to the end of NYFW—plus, beauty tips galore—right from the little black book of Sakara Life co-founder and co-CEO Danielle DuBoise. 

If you know you have an insanely packed day ahead, what morning routine additions help? 
I drink 20 oz of water first thing in the morning and add in our Sakara Beauty Water Drops, which contain ionic trace minerals that you need to allow your body to utilize the water you drink, leading to better and longer lasting hydration. Proper hydration means glowing skin and more energy!

What about to wind down after a crazy day, what tends to help you?
A nice glass of red wine, a dimly lit room,  and a good book. 🙂

Do you have any mid-day, late-afternoon rituals that help boost your energy?
Taking a call outside on a walk instead of sitting at my desk helps re-energize me during a day of back-to-back meetings. I’m also excited to have our brand new Energy Effervescents on hand for those moments when I need a mid-afternoon pick me up; they provide a nourishing energy source without caffeine to add to your health toolkit, because energy is born out of your cells having the right inputs available to them on a daily basis. Energy Effervescents feature clean sources of Vitamin B12 to increase oxygen flow and prevent fatigue, organic Maca to improve mood and inspire energy, and L-Theanine to support focus and help improve mental clarity. You drop them into a big glass of water and enjoy the delicious bubbly passionfruit!

Danielle DuBoise (Courtesy)

When it comes to nutrition during a busy time like NYFW, what can people do to ensure they’re keeping healthy on the go?
Eat well. It’s the first thing that goes when we’re busy, but it’s the number one thing that will keep you looking and feeling your best. I rely on my Sakara meals to ensure I feel my best. Eating this way prepares me for the days (or weeks) where my schedule is non-stop. There’s nothing like having your nutrition ready to eat in your fridge—such a lifesaver.

What are your go-to skin saviors?
How well you eat and drink every day is what your skin will look and feel like. As for topicals, I absolutely love Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical SerumLiving Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever OilCovey Sleep Tight Bakuchiol Serum, and Fig 1 Glycolic Glow Treatment.

If you have an hour to yourself, what type of treat might you squeeze in?
If I can manage it, I love a facial at JTAV Clinical Skincare.

Favorite workout studios in NYC right now?
Private Pilates sessions with Annie Venier at Le Petit Studio.

Why would meditation be helpful for someone during NYFW?
It doesn’t have to be perfect, but taking a moment to yourself during an intense day, or week, is essential. Your nervous system gets deregulated easily, which can lead to anxiety, fatigue and even bloat. Deep breaths help to tell your body to relax and get out of fight or flight mode, which in turn activates the parasympathetic nervous system, and helps normalize everything from blood flow to heart rate.

What fashion brands and trends are you obsessed with right now?
I always go back to my favorite vintage pieces year after year! A few other brands I am loving right now are MiistaHanan SharifaSchiaparelli, and Altuzarra.

What are some free wellness/beauty hacks that can help offset looking and feeling extra tired?
Soaking up a few minutes of sunshine on the way to the office (I personally prefer up to 20 minutes without SPF) makes all the difference in my day.

What’s always in your bag when you’re extra busy running around the city?
Saie Mascara and Sakara Detox Protein Super Bars (with 12g of Plant Protein, these keep me going between meals like no other).

No matter what, what always helps you recenter and recalibrate?
I’ve been working on what I call a “living meditation”—I find chapters of my day where I focus on dropping in, being 101% present to whatever it is that I’m doing, and relishing in that kind of joy. Sometimes it’s playing with my kids, sometimes it’s family dinner, sometimes it’s walking to work, and on good days, it’s all of those things. I find it helps me ground myself in gratitude and wonder at the miracle of it all.

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