Nicole Miller On Her New Fragrances

by Eddie Roche

In celebration of her new fragrances, Nectar de Pèche and Lueur de la Ville, Nicole Miller hit the kitchen to create some pies inspired by the perfumes. She tells THE DAILY about the scents, her passion for baking, and advice for aspiring designers. 

What was your inspiration behind these new fragrances?
In keeping with my French heritage, I gave all the perfumes French names. They’re a combination of fruit and floral notes. Nectar de Pèche has notes of peach nectar, coconut water, honeysuckle, and warm musk and is one of my favorites. I think it’s a great fragrance to wear at the beach or to grab lunch outside. Lueur de la Ville, which means Glow of the City, is a bit more floral and has notes of red berries, black currant, jasmine, and vanilla but still has some accents of musk amber. 

Where else would you wear each fragrance?
Nectar de Pèche is excellent for any outdoor gathering. It’s the perfect daytime perfume for your next beach date. The peach and coconut come to life on the skin. Lueur de la Ville is more suited for the evening because of its stronger notes. I would wear this going out for a nice dinner in the city or meeting friends. 

How did your passion for baking begin, and what inspired you to pursue it alongside your successful career in fashion?
My mother, who was French, used to make great tarts but while in the States, she switched to making pies. She was a master at pie crusts! We had rhubarb in the garden growing up, so we had rhubarb pie often, and it’s still my favorite pie! I love to get all the seasonal fruit at the farmer’s market to experiment with different pie flavors. I thought it would be fun to bake some pies inspired by my perfumes. One was a peach and raspberry pie for Nectar de Pèche [recipe at left]. The other pie, inspired by Lueur de la Ville, was a fresh cherry, blueberry, and blackberry pie. 

What are your favorite products to bake with or must-haves in the kitchen?
I love the Nicole Miller rainbow knives we make. They’re great for chopping and dicing. I also love setting the table with our silverware and dishes. I’m also a big fan of vintage kitchen accessories. I have a vintage Sunbeam mixer, Proctor Silex Juicit, and Foley food choppers, to name a few from my collection. 

When you’re not baking or cooking, what are your favorite restaurants in the Hamptons to dine at?
I tend to cook a lot when I’m in the Hamptons, whether I have people over or not! It’s a great time to test new recipes as well. I can always keep myself occupied in the kitchen on a rainy day. If I’m not cooking, I love going to Sunset Beach, Le Bilboquet, and Dopo la Spiaggia. 

Besides the fragrance launch, do you have anything else coming up?
Inspired by my recent trip to Palm Springs, we’ll be launching our Signature Collection for Fall, which will consist of 20 limited-edition pieces that will be made to order through our website!

You’ve have such a successful career in fashion. What fulfills you creatively? 

I’m very crafty, so if I’m not designing dresses, I always experiment with new techniques and upcycling clothing I have or find. I’m always embroidering or embellishing things. But on weekends, I find cooking or baking relaxing and fulfilling.

What moments have had a significant impact on you as a designer?
My first fashion show was a huge highlight in my career, and things took off after that. I was lucky to have all the top supermodels, like Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell, walk in my very first show.

What advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers with multiple passions? How can they use that to their creative advantage?
I think it’s important to be a little broader in your interests than just clothing. It’s a crowded room these days, and you have to compete on many levels. Don’t be afraid to put allyour skills to use! 

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