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Atlantis, the signature scent of Blu Atlas, is a tropical, adventurous, and sexy Eau de Parfum with the perfect initial punch of refreshing citrus. Blu Atlas creates “Premium skincare for the modern man,” and they’ve hit the mark with their high-quality cologne and other products for men.  Who is this new kid on the block? Blu Atlas is a premium personal care brand that makes products with clean ingredients.  The brand aligns with the new surge of luxury companies creating sustainable products. Many of these companies continue to add harmful ingredients, forgetting that they can create high-quality products from clean materials.  Blu Atlas Atlantis perfectly hits the mark of a captivating and lingering scent for the modern man.

The science of scent
In the 1920s, perfumers around the world began adding synthetic chemicals like aliphatic aldehydes to fragrances. They amp up a scent, increase shelf life, and reduce the chance of a cologne “spoiling.”  Some fragrance companies add harmful materials such as stabilizing chemicals, coloring agents, and ingredients to adjust product viscosity. What does this mean for your body and skin? Most colognes contain a lot of materials that aren’t good for you.  Why do popular brands use these materials, even when they know they’re bad for your body? These products do a great job of masking odors and have a longer shelf-life. But at what cost? Many of these ingredients have recently been linked to detrimental long-term effects on their consumers.  There is an obvious critical health risk for people using personal products full of harmful ingredients. A simple search of “Eau de Parfum” will show most popular fragrances people enjoy are not safe for use.  Some long-term effects caused by these irritants are nasal allergies, breast cysts, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel, and asthma.  Always do your own research before buying personal care products. Or just practice safe scent! Learn more about safe scent practices below.

Practice safe scent
How can you practice safe scent? Always try before you buy, do a patch test, and only purchase clean colognes free from harmful chemicals.  So what’s the science behind Blu Atlas Atlantis? Atlantis uses clean ingredients that are good for your skin and body. With a proprietary blend of the earth’s best-smelling ingredients, the Blu Atlas brand uses clean materials to achieve a mouthwatering scent.  You can spritz this safe-for-skin cologne anywhere on your body and feel confident knowing it won’t irritate or cause unwanted reactions.

First Impression

Blu Atlas’s Atlantis Eau de Parfum is presented in a sleek, sensual black bottle with the grace of an experienced man. Atlantis is a step-above other Blu Atlas products, with a unique look and feel. Atlantis proves itself by featuring a citrusy, fruity, and subtly masculine first impression and delivers a warm, adventurous, inviting aroma to any wearer upon dry-down.  Atlantis is a versatile cologne. Perfect for the man ready for his next adventure off the beaten path or for the family man preparing a summer barbeque for the whole clan.  This cologne does not discriminate and has the potential to fit any person that enjoys a rich, citrusy, fresh scent. It reads simply with key notes of lemon, bergamot, apricot, clary sage, and oak-moss, a deliciously complex and tropical blend.  It is quite unisex. Each person who wears Atlantis will make this cologne their own. If you want to wear a fragrance that will have you stand out where it counts, especially up close and personal, try Atlantis.

The Scent
Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. What ingredients come together to make this fun summer scent?  With a mix of top-notch fragrances, Atlantis is a premium blend of base, middle, and top notes that create the best scent for all the adventurers out there.  If you’re new to the cologne scene and don’t know what top, middle, and base notes are—don’t sweat it! Top notes are your first impression of a scent, middle notes are the heart and body of a fragrance, and base notes are the longest-lasting scent of cologne.  Easy, right?

Top notes
The transformative top notes of bergamot, lemon, and blackcurrant invite fun, light summer aromas to the cologne.  Bergamot, known as the “prince of citrus,” is assertive and packs a nice punch but fades slowly to allow the clary sage and oakmoss to make their statements. Luxurious bergamot is loved in fragrances because it has a more distinct scent than others in the citrus family. Its zesty verve lends a unisex sweetness with an herbal twist that flirts with the additional notes that make this cologne work.  The addition of lemon and blackcurrant makes the initial fruity punch even more enticing. With extra layers of light and fresh fragrance, it’s hard not to love the Atlantis scent.

Middle notes
The hearty notes are the perfect addition for extra depth in the fragrance. Clary sage, lavender, peach, and apricot are each powerful on their own, and when added to this premium blend, they help the wearer truly stand out. Clary sage’s main aromatherapy benefit is to calm, but to many, it is considered an aphrodisiac. As it blends with the top and base notes, the clary sage ties the cologne together, allowing it to transcend across all seasons, keeping you hot and fresh in the spring and summer and warm and inviting in the fall and winter. The lavender, peach, and apricot add a light finish and lend a summery, tropical dry-down.

Base notes
Oakmoss, a powerful, earthy base note, offers the intoxicating pull that the Atlantis fragrance encompasses. This note provides a lasting masculine impression, making it an alluring, sexy fragrance for any occasion. Oakmoss, musk, and ambrette seed give the cologne its long-lasting power and masculine scent. Ambrette seed teams up with the musk to boost the masculine, earthy scent.  Oakmoss is the perfect choice for Atlantis, as this base note makes Atlantis the distinguished fragrance it is.

The crown jewel of Blu Atlas
The Blu Atlas Atlantis Eau de Parfum leaves you with a light, tropical, and sweet scent reminiscent of a summer day well spent doing the things you love. Though this cologne is more modern, its versatility means people of all ages can wear it. Blu Atlas practices what they preach, an ethos of honesty with clean, premium, effective personal products. They promise safe products for fragrance and men’s grooming. So if you care about what you put on your body, Blu Atlas is your brand. The clean, and vegan ingredients invite more peace into your life, conjuring memories of a walk through a lush tropical jungle or exploring the pyramids in Giza. What’s in this sexy scent? A balmy, citrusy aroma evokes the feeling of long summer nights, a stroll through a grove, and your next Tinder date. Each note reveals a new layer of fragrance, making this simple-appearing cologne one of the best of the year.

Blu Atlas Atlantis, your next great adventure.

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