Hearst Employees Unionize, Instagram Removes “Likes” In the U.S.

by Aria Darcella

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Hearst Employees Unionize (Hearst Union)
Hearst Magazines editorial, video, design, photo, and social staff are unionizing with the Writers Guild of America East. The union represents employees at Cosmopolitan, Elle, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, The Oprah Magazine, and Town & Country, among other major titles.

“Hearst is one of the largest editorial employers in the industry, and media’s rapidly changing landscape means it’s more important than ever for us to have a say in the conditions of our employment,” reads a statement. “We care deeply about the work we do at Hearst and its reputation within the media industry, and we believe we deserve a seat at the table and a say in how we are compensated and treated in the workplace.”

“The Hearst Magazines Media Union demands that the company make concrete strides to form a truly inclusive and fair workplace,” it continues. “The only way to drive the company culture forward, continue as a leader within the media industry, and make the brands stronger collectively and separately is to consolidate our interests into one strong, collective voice.”


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Say Goodbye to Instagram Likes (Dazed)
It’s official: some Instagram users in the U.S. will have their “likes” go private this week. While users will still be able to see how many people have liked their own posts, the information will no longer be public. This change was first reported in April. Rollouts in Canada, Japan, Australia, and other regions happened soon after. Of course, the biggest point of discussion on this move since it was first announced is how hiding likes will effect influencers. Many — including both influencers and those in charge of decided to work with them — are concerned that a valuable metric for success is disappearing. But some, like Amy Odell for Business of Fashion, argue that hiding likes will actually give influencers more control over their data.



Former Zac Posen CFO Files a Lawsuit (Page Six)
Dominic Miachon-Hobson, former CFO of Zac Posen, is suing Ron Burkle and his company, ­Yucaipa, for nearly $200,000. Miachon-Hobson filed the suit on October 11, claiming his work expenses — totaling $167,177.51 — have not been reimbursed. He also says he has not been paid since August 30, and is seeking interest and attorneys fees, among other damages. “Everybody was so committed to Zac and the company, many of us put our own money in,” he tells Page Six. “I allowed them to use my credit card to help the company get credit. I even paid the payroll taxes from my own account.”

However a source from the company says: “He wasn’t authorized to put expenses on his card . . . He signed a clause saying he wasn’t going to put in his personal money.”

Ashley Graham Is Having a Boy (Instagram)
Ashley Graham was on the Ellen show last week, and revealed that she is having a boy. Congrats!


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