Chic Content Creator Abi Hoffman Shares Her Tips For Growing Your Instagram Account

by The Daily Front Row

The question that digital creators get asked the most? No, it’s not ‘where did you get that’—it’s ‘how can I boost my reach?’ We sat down with one of our perennially ‘best dressed’ and go-to influencers, Abi Hoffman, to get the lowdown on connecting with more users on various platforms, finding your calling card, and how to hone in on your secret sauce in a saturated space. School is in session! 

When did you start out?
I created an Instagram account dedicated to fashion as a passion project in 2018. I loved the idea of curating a visual aesthetic in cohesion with my personal style. I began to work with brands in that format, and signed with the Digital division of Wilhelmina in 2021.

When did you notice a significant shift in growth in your following?
Initially, when I began to post consistently, I would message and tag moodboard accounts with large followings that I felt aligned with my creative direction to repost my content. I found this was an incredibly effective way to gain exposure and organic interest. As I began to form a refined identity as a digital creator, it shifted to brands reposting my account, with a similar result. With that said, at the beginning of COVID, my following doubled. I felt that everyone staying home and being phone conscious led to so many creators gaining traction.

What can your followers expect from your content?
I love curating my content to tell a story through fashion, travel, and life in New York. I have the pleasure of attending events and working with brands, so I am continuously documenting and sharing those experiences. Plus, a lot of street style, film photos, and the interiors journey of designing my apartment. I think of my Instagram feed as a representation of my creativity, but also my personal life and passions.


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Do you work with a photographer?
A lot of my day-to-day content is taken casually, grabbing coffee or on the weekends. I have an incredibly supportive group of people around me that are willing to help snap photos. When I am working with brands, I love to work with Trace Pfaff on video and Madison Lane for stills.

What is the hardest thing about being a digital creator?
There is no blueprint or explicit direction to follow as a creator—which I find to be extremely rewarding—but that’s the most challenging aspect. It takes a lot of self discipline and accountability to remain consistent, particularly in periods of less inspiration. Finding ways to continuously reengage and attract more viewers, yet remain genuinely creative, is a balance I am always working towards.


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What brands have you worked with in the past?
Burberry Beauty, Alexander McQueen, Mikimoto, Prada, and YSL Beauty are a few of my brand partners I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

What brands would you love to work with someday?
Chanel was the first brand I truly identified with—a love for tweeds and tailoring played a large influence on my personal fashion sense!—so that is an absolute dream of mine. I would also love to support more emerging designers, such as Des Phemmes. I feel so lucky to be in this space and have the ability to create and collaborate with brands I adore.

How much time do you spend a day on Instagram?
Admittedly, these days, I spend more time on TikTok as a casual viewer. Actually, I just checked my Instagram ‘time spent’ feature and it says an average daily of an hour and a half.

What is your content on TikTok about?
I will admit, I was not an early adopter of the app and I regret not engaging sooner. It’s a lot of fun for me! I post daily outfits, curated video compilations of my home and life in general, unboxings, as well as my other interests and passions in a more candid fashion. TikTok does feel like it showcases another side personally, however, it felt like a giant learning curve at first. I am proud of myself for consistently experimenting with content on the platform, it challenges me creatively. My handle is @abi_hoffman.


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What apps do you work with for your social media?
I shoot a lot of content on film, but if needed, I will alter colors in Afterlight. For iPhone photos, I will typically just play around with the native app’s features to adjust lighting. Otherwise, I love to curate my feed ahead of posting. I like to use the app UNUM for my grid planning.

What advice do you have for someone who is trying to grow their following?
Consistency is key, in all definitions. Posting regularly, maintaining a consistent image and messaging, and organically interacting with people and brands you care about. Social media can be such a powerful tool, but it is also oversaturated. It is imperative you are genuine about your passions and creativity. In my opinion, authenticity is the only way to cut through the noise.


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Your digital content life is obviously just one side of you. What are your other interests in life?
I want to be creative in all outlets of my life, and I am continuously trying to explore new ways in which to express myself. I make an effort to allocate time for writing poetry and playing piano. I thoroughly enjoy being social, but I keep a small circle. Exploring restaurants and businesses in the city with my people is one of my favorite pastimes. I also love to travel. I was fortunate to have parents that viewed visiting different countries as one of the most important educations. I strongly value the ability to create memories and meet people abroad with different perspectives and cultures.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I had a past life as a country singer! I am from Texas, grew up in musical theatre singing and acting. I moved to LA when I was 10, and I recorded songs and played shows until I was 19, then I moved to New York to pursue working in fashion. As I grow older, I look back on that part of my life fondly. I was taught to have a strong work ethic at a young age. It was frightening to walk away from an active career, but I am proud of myself for following my gut and fighting to live the life I want. I never take a day in New York for granted, I feel so lucky to be here, to have opportunities that I always dreamt of.

Wow! What are some of your long-term goals?
I have so many big ideas I would love to come to fruition. One of the most valuable lessons I have learnt in my 20s is just embracing the unknown and starting somewhere. I have a very entrepreneurial spirit, I love the sense of autonomy I have from creating my own business. I hope to continue my role as a digital creator and expand upon it, but I definitely crave something more tangible. I would love to open a café one day, too!

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