Editor’s Pick: Krenoir Forest Green Shine Medium Kandie

by Charles Manning

What: An elegant combination of glossy alligator and glove-soft leather in rich forest green. The bag measures seven inches long by nine inches high by four inches deep and features the brand’s signature low-profile enamel clasp.

Who: Founder and designer Jean K.’s love of color is at the heart of the brand, which specializes in luxury exotic-skin handbags in a range of hues rarely seen in this market, let alone at this price. The name KRENOIR is a combination of “creation” (with a K) and “noir,” black (or noir) being the color you get when you mix all colors together. The colors Jean K. chooses for her bags are tied to particular memories of her own and each bag is realized by Italian artisans using the highest quality, ethically-sourced exotic skins available.

Why: KRENOIR’s strengths are not just their colors and quality but also their fantastic price point. These bags are luxury with a capitol “L,” made with real exotic skins, yet the prices, which range from about  $2,000 – $4,000 for a handbag, are closer to what one might reasonably expect to pay for embossed leather from a high-end designer like Chloé or Saint Laurent.

Where: Krenoir.com

How (much): $2,650

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