Zoulette Launches New Line of Luxury Parisian-Style Sunglasses

by Amir Bakian

Strong. Bold. Empowered. How can a luxury clothing brand make someone feel these things? When you have a backstory like Zoulette does, it’s easy to understand.

It all started with a focus on gold necklaces three years ago. Now the brand has unveiled all-new unisex sunglasses that are just unstoppable.

Zoulette was founded by Yasmine Jean, a Haitian-American who earned her degree in fashion at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She debuted Zoulette, named after her French mother, a strong, resilient, and hard-working woman, to provide timeless pieces that support and unify strong, confident women around the world.

Keeping the French influence of her mother at heart, Yasmine named the new line of sunglasses after the famous Parisian Musée du Louvre. When you think of the Louvre, you can’t help thinking about style, class, and sophistication. These sunglasses not only exude those qualities but they are designed to bring out confidence in wearers and make any outfit more chic. They are of incredible quality, and their bold and brilliant design allows wearers to sight-see all over the world in style.

This new launch is an exciting new chapter for Zoulette, which has grown so much since its debut in 2020. Yasmine was inspired to start Zoulette not only because of her love of fashion but also a desire to make others look and feel their best when wearing an outfit. As a personal stylist and shopper, she always found herself uplifting women and ensuring they felt good about themselves regardless of their circumstances. She felt like she could leverage her experience and great eye for detail to pursue her passion for designing.

Yasmine started Zoulette after working for some big names in fashion to gain experience and expertise, like Saks Fifth Avenue, Tory Burch, Neiman Marcus, and Amazon Fashion. A proclaimed perfectionist, she realizes that nothing in life is perfect, and mistakes will be made. She also understands how important it is to focus on the bigger picture, work at her own pace, and prioritize family, who provide most of her support.

Ultimately, Yasmine knew she wanted to do more and leave an everlasting impact that would reach generations of different women around the world and impact the fashion industry for years to come. Zoulette has now been featured in Who What Wear, the New York Post, Forbes, and Glamour UK. While being a black-owned business and a black creative, Yasmine ensures that Zoulette caters to all shapes and sizes and that women all around the world feel sexy, but most importantly confident in her designs.

As a luxurious French brand, Zoulette is certainly taking its image to the next level with the launch of its new line of Parisian-inspired, bold, and brilliant sunglasses. Celebrating three years of successful business, the brand’s founder, Yasmine Jean is just getting started. Inspired by the strength and courage of her mother, Yasmine hopes to empower and uplift women with her timeless pieces, while instilling confidence in women around the world. One look at the new line of shades will make that vision apparent. Follow Zoulette on Instagram and Pinterest for the latest news and trends.

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