Editor’s Pick: Acne Studios X Propaganda Magazine Jeans

by Aria Darcella
Acne studios

What: Straight-cut blue jeans printed with eerie images, part of an Acne Studios capsule collection featuring images and text from Propaganda magazine.

Who: ACNE was initially a Stockholm-based design collective operating in advertising and production. Until 1996, when co-founder Jonny Johannson produced a denim collection. Thus, Acne Studios the fashion brand was born. Johannson continues to be the brand’s creative director today, overseeing ready-to-wear, accessories, small leather goods, and eyewear. Acne Studios now has store locations all over the world, and even once produced its own biannual magazine, Acne Paper.

Propaganda, founded by Fred H. Berger in 1982, was an American magazine covering all things goth — including music, art, literature, and of course, fashion. The publication was emblematic of the subculture until it folded in 2002.

Why: As far as capsule collections go, this one is pretty cool. Acne has essentially brought Propaganda back by re-printing magazine covers and articles on clothing. Thankfully, Acne hasn’t fallen into simply producing goth-tropes — the collection is exactly what fans would expect from the brand in terms of cut and style, just with surprising series of prints on top. These jeans are a great example. They’re a classic Acne fit, while the scale of the photograph printed on top keeps things interesting. How often does a full face take up a whole pant leg?

The collection also includes sunglasses, shirts, small leather goods, and a variety of hoodies and t-shirts. Even if you aren’t in to some of the bands or figures mentioned on the cover lines — Bauhaus and Siouxsie Sioux! — you’ve got to admit, a wallet with “Glamacide” emblazoned on it is kind of awesome.

Where: Acnestudios.com

How (much): $440

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Paul Hart January 20, 2020 - 6:21 PM

Hey Fashion Week Daily. Nice pick for the week… Propaganda Magazine inspired garments. I worked for Propaganda Magazine in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They had some great Gothic images. Cheers, Paul Hart


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