15 Retro Videos Showing We’ll Do Anything to Look Absolutely Fabulous

by Tangie Silva

Nostalgia is the word du jour as we count the days of self-isolating, no? Well, for this editor it certainly is! I went on an old skool tutorials binge. There’s countless beauty videos spanning from Hollywood actresses’ morning routines to no nonsense tutorials for ladies joining the Women’s Army Corps. Here’s a hilarious selection over the decades for your quarantine pleasure. Caution: they get addictive!

1. Daily Beauty Rituals (1937)

2. Where To Put the Accent: Hollywood Eyebrow Tutorial (1938)

3. Glamour Girl Workout (1940s)

4. Good Grooming for Girls (1946)

5. Vintage Workout Technology (1950s)

6. The Clean Look (1951)

7. Beauty Hints (1957)

8. Girls, Girls, Girls (1960s)

9. Space Age Hair Fashions (1962)

10. Beatnik Beauty Transformation (1963)

11. Hair Personality (1964)

12. Salad Beauty Treatment (1968)

13. Why Not Be Beautiful? (1969)

14. Makeup & Hair Tutorial for Army Girls (1970)

15. Natural Makeup Tutorial by Barbara Daly for The Body Shop (1980s)

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