Nilladriz: The Launch Of Brev Magazine, New Music Videos, Parent Company, And More

by Amir Bakian

Where did the name Brev Magazine stem from?
The name comes to form the word Brevity, which means “concise and exact use of words in writing or speech.” With this publication, our goal is to provide quick and consumable content for viewers.

What inspired you to create your own digital publication?
First and foremost, I’m a businessman so I saw this as a way to cross over into a prominent industry that is not ever going away but can serve hand and hand with a lot of other projects I’m working on as well. I’ve always felt that there was room for something like Brev in this space.


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What separates Brev Magazine from its competitors?
Brev Magazine was designed to be the most digestible publication online. Our goal is to provide consumers with short-informative coverage on everything truly revenant in pop culture, while still being in tune with what’s next up.

Where do you see Brev Magazine in 5 years?
I see it as a leader in the editorial space. We plan on expanding the company’s presence through its social channels and begin exclusive feature stories with leaders in spaces like fashion, sports, finance, music, and more.

Any new music videos currently in the works?
Now that the ball is finally rolling with Brev Magazine and we finally have the right pieces on our team to take this where it needs to go, I can start being more creative again. Creating is what I’m most passionate about and Brev only amplifies my ability to. Expect to see a lot more videos with Hefna380, he’s a star.

Considering all that you’ve learned since you began your journey, what is a piece of advice you would give young creatives & entrepreneurs like yourself now?
Be more aware of the change taking place in the world right now. A lot of people my age are distracted right now trying to make up for lost time due to Covid. So, my advice would be to refocus on what’s important to you, try to spot trends beforehand, and note that currency is not the only thing that is actively being decentralized.

What does the future look like for Nilladriz?
I’m going to continue to film and direct more videos as well as continuing to expand my business portfolio. Technology has given the people leverage over brands and businesses. Everything I work on will eventually sit under the umbrella company that is Nilladriz, and Brev Magazine is the first example of what’s to come.
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