Instagram’s Besidone Amoruwa Talks Us Through The Platform’s Six Reigning Fashion And Beauty Trends

by Freya Drohan

To say Instagram is a hotbed for trends is doing the platform a disservice. After all, the social media site has revolutionized how we dissect, discover, and emulate trends altogether, which in turn influences the fashion industry in unprecedented ways. But, we still need a discerning eye to make sense of the gazillions of images uploaded every day and decipher what trends are actually making waves outside of our phone screens. Enter Besidone Amoruwa: manager of strategic, content, and creator partnerships at Instagram. A former talent manager and music marketing executive, she has been in the weeds with creators for many years helping them with everything from strategy to brand building. As Instagram Insider reveals its six trend moments to know now—C’Mon Get Happy, New Prep, Retro Western, The Great Outdoors, Alt Beauty, and Natural Hair—we caught up with the Los Angeles-based whiz to get the lowdown.

Instagram is a hotbed for trends, how did you narrow it down to just six?
Together with our team of fashion and beauty experts at Instagram, we identified trends that are just beginning to emerge from creators and small businesses. There are communities forming around each of these trends that are gaining momentum by the day.

What’s the commonality between the six? Why are they trends that fit the current moment?
It represents forward and anew. People recognize we are living in a time of connection being so meaningful. They are connecting to themselves, looking forward, and backward. They have had time to express themselves and now it’s time to express!

Let’s talk about C’mon Get Happy…how do you think this trend will evolve for fall?
People are going to keep the same energy, but make it pop to fit fall. It might be the pop of color for the nails or toes. It’s an expression people are going to maintain, so you will see it somewhere embodied on their dress or appearance.

Why do you personally think that some trends become a platform-wide movement versus others?
Subculture. Culture has its niches; some trends are not for everyone because they are specific to certain cultures, locations, or groups of people. You have to go deep into certain subcultures to find certain trends that might seem different and new to you, but absolutely normal for other people.

Who are some people you want to shout out for moving the needle when it comes to beauty trends?
Karen, Kia, Asiyami, Meeka Hossain, and Justine Marjan.

Besidone (Nailah Howze)

What’s been the most surprising trend out of the six and why?
Retro Western—it is a moment! It’s been fun to see women like Solange, Melissa Simone Swim, Doja Cat, and now Beyoncé with her line, [embrace it].

What advice would you give to fashion and beauty creators who are trying to go against the grain?
Do it! And absolutely be unapologetic about it. Being yourself and thinking for yourself is still the #1 way to hone in on your own talent. You are art: craft yourself daily.

What’s one piece of foolproof advice for fashion and beauty creators who want to be noticed?
Be consistent.

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