9 Surprising Stats About How Millennials and Gen Z Shop

by The Daily Front Row

If you shop online, you’ve definitely encountered Afterpay. Its little blue logo is popping up on more and more online retailers every day, offering consumers a chance to purchase products from top fashion and beauty brands in four installments without need of a credit card, which is good, since, according to Afterpay, 63 percent of Millennials don’t even have a credit card.

With over 2.5 million active users, across more than 9,000 brands and retailers in the US alone, Afterpay has amassed a huge amount of consumer data and learned a lot about the fashion and beauty spending habits of Millennials and Gen Z. Here are some of the highlights from fall 2019.

1. Gen Z outpaces Millennials when it comes to shopping purchases between $100 and $500.

2. 47 percent of Millennials and 41 percent of Gen Z buy at least 1 fashion item per week. Meanwhile 42% of Millennials and 37% of Gen Z buy at least one beauty item per week.

3. Millennials and Gen Z only shop in-store 14 and 18 percent of the time, respectively. Most of their shopping is done on their phones (49 percent Millennial, 55 percent Gen Z) or computers (37 percent Millennial, 27% Gen Z).

4. Capes were the top women’s outerwear trend of fall 2019 with shearling and more fashion-forward takes on the puffer also doing well among Afterpay users.

5. Kylie Cosmetics is the third most-shopped brand behind Adidas and Nike. Yeezy is number six.

6. Bodysuits are the most popular fashion items among Millennials and Gen Z shoppers in Wyoming. Who knew? Meanwhile, socks are king in Hawaii and Illinois is all about wrap coats, apparently.

7. Certain items sell better on certain days of the week. Hooded sweatshirts are big on Mondays, camo jackets do well on Wednesday, Saturdays are apparently all about plaid pants (including pajama pants), and cotton T-shirts rule on Sundays.

8. On average, shoppers are spending $84 per transaction on beauty products, purchasing three or more items every time they check out. Kylie Cosmetics is king, but Jeffree Star Cosmetics and Colourpop are also hugely popular with Millennial and Gen Z consumers.

9. Streetwear shows no signs of quitting. Afterpay sees continued growth in the category with green and polka dots likely dominating in spring 2020.

Click here to check out Afterpay’s full sales trend report for fall 2019.

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