Cartier Opens New NYC Store, Adds New Jewelry And Handbag Lines

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Cartier has opened its new location on Fifth Avenue and 59th Street today while its iconic flagship mansion on 653 Fifth Avenue undergoes renovations for the next two years. The new 11,000-square-feet boutique will be its largest worldwide; it was designed by Bruno Moinard, and features high ceilings, chandeliers, oak paneling, and glass displays with dedicated areas for engagement and bridal jewelry, watches, high-end jewelry, vintage pieces, and accessories.

Besides the new boutique’s opening, the luxury brand has other big news in store: they’re launching two new collections, including a new jewelry line and handbag line. The Amulette de Cartier jewelry collection features circular disc pendants that are meant to be amulet-like objects that ward off evil or bring good fortune. The collection was inspired by Cartier’s XXL Padlock charm bracelets from the ’50s. The collection comes in materials like mother-of-pearl, onyx, gold, and diamonds, and is priced at $1,910 to $82,500.

The brand is also launching a line of women’s handbags and leather goods entitled Jeanne Toussaint, named after the brand’s ’30s design director, who inspired Cartier’s iconic panther (Toussaint’s nickname was ‘panther’). A line of hangbags and leather goods for men is launching as well; it will be called the Louis Cartier collection, named after the brand’s founder. Customers will be able to customize the bags through a made-to-measure program available only in boutiques. The Jeanne Toussaint line will range from $2,260 for a clutch to $14,800 for a croc limited-edition bag, while the Louis Cartier collection will range from $1,500 for a business portfolio to a whopping $46,300 croc messenger bag.

The new store is located just seven blocks from the location Louis Cartier’s son, Alfred, first scouted for the brand’s original New York location in 1908. The original location the Cartiers were eyeing at that time was 712 Fifth Avenue; the proximity of the new location to 712 Fifth Avenue wasn’t planned by the brand, but is a nice nod to the luxe brand’s past.

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