TikTok Growth Expert Shailen Vandeyar Shows Brands That Anything Is Possible

by Ascend Agency

With the social media landscape becoming increasingly saturated, it is essential for brands relying on it to stay up to speed on what works and what doesn’t. If they don’t, they may get left behind. That is why TikTok growth expert Shailen Vandeyar has become an ambassador for helping brands grow their social media presence on one of the fastest-growing social networks today. Popular with Millennials and Gen Z, TikTok now boasts having over 700 million users. This social media platform allows for videos up to 15 seconds long to be recorded and shared with their audiences. There has been a tremendous amount of growth ever since the pandemic struck, given people have a lot of time to generate very creative and entertaining content.

Major social media platforms like TikTok employ complex algorithms that dictate what content gets placed in front of whose eyeballs. As a general rule of thumb, the more engagement content gets, and does so most immediately after the content is shared, the more its reach is. Shailen has spent countless hours of trial and error to determine the absolute best strategies and tactics for driving massive growth on the platform. As a sign of his success, his @laugh page now boasts having over 1.2 million followers. Brands have been flocking to this TikTok expert for help growing their audiences on the novel platform. As a result, he has become responsible for the success of some of the most influential content creators online today. All of the help he has provided to brands around the world has led to Shailen making major waves in the social media marketing industry.

Hailing from the little country of New Zealand, Shailen has been accomplishing big things on TikTok. Given his success in creating one of the largest accounts in TikTok today, Shailen has become the social media manager of famous content creators and has helped them monetize their engagement. This has led to larger income streams for those creators, who then offer up their positive testimonials, leading to him gaining more clients. By employing unique strategies to get content to go viral, Shailen is currently enjoying the height of success. With the results there for all to see, Shailen demonstrates to brands that anything is possible. As long as you know what the algorithm and people like, you have the potential to grow a social media presence on TikTok as large as his viral comedy page. Currently, Shailen has been providing talent management services to major content creators and getting lucrative brand deals, in which he offers up his creative genius. Helping content creators is something Shailen is very passionate about, and he does not plan to stop anything soon. Any brand that wants to leverage TikTok stands to gain a great deal from working with Shailen.

You can learn more about Shailen Vandeyar by going to his website. You can also follow his viral TikTok page @laugh.

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