What’s In Your Freezer, Fashionettes?

by Dena Silver

The Daily Summer wondered what our fave chicettes have hiding in their ice boxes. What’s in yours?

“I obviously have cookie dough ice cream and a bottle of vodka. The vodka is untouched, because I’ve been very well-behaved recently. Is that really sad, ice cream and vodka?” —DJ Harley Viera Newton

“Edamame and a lot of dried frozen berries. Also. mint chocolate chip ice cream from this place, Sundaes and Cones, on 10th Street.”—Lucky’s editor in chief Eva Chen

“Probably some spinach from two years ago, when I was making smoothies. That might be it.” —model Atlanta de Cadenet

“I have these rocks that you freeze and use as ice cubes. I also have ice cream: mango sorbet, chocolate chip, mint … I have a lot! I only eat a bite or two.”—designer Prabal Gurung

“This is embarrassing, but I’m a bit of a health food freak and I really care about grass-fed organic meats, so I have a quarter of a pig in my freezer.”—stylist Kate Young

“Popsicles!”—model Alessandra Ambrosio

“Dark chocolate!”—model Elle Macpherson

“We actually just had a very beautiful bottle of champagne that exploded. We kept it in the freezer, because we were watching a movie and we wanted to drink it and we had to make it cold, but then we fell asleep.”—model Veronica Webb

“I have frozen bananas and berries for smoothies, which don’t end up getting used. Plus, there’s frozen soup from Christmas, ice packs, and frozen meals.”—model Jessica Hart

“There’s always ice cream. Right now we have my brand, Mario Batali, but that’s not my children’s favorite. They like Ciao Bella Vanilla.”—chef Mario Batali

“There’s raw dog food. Also, a lot of frozen berries: we make smoothies in the mornings with our kids. I’m not going to lie, we have frozen pizzas in there, too, but at least they’re organic.”—Topping Rose House’s Tom Colicchio

“Chicken and turkey leg bones to make soup stock. Oh, and my ex-boyfriend’s severed finger…I’m just kidding.”—Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi

“Wild blueberries and organic raspberry popsicles that you squish while you eat them.”—model Crystal Renn

“Vodka and broccoli.”—model Nina Agdal

“I have frozen lemonade and limeade to use as ice—don’t water down your drinks! I use them every time I make a pomegranate martini or sangria.”—host Rachael Ray

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