The Fashion Workers Act’s Next Steps, Dior’s Legal Drama, and More!

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by Aaron Royce
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The Fashion Workers Act continues through New York State Assembly

The Fashion Workers Act, a piece of legislation aimed at reforming the modeling industry with enhanced model protections, has just been approved by the New York State Assembly, according to Business of Fashion. The legislation, now awaiting Governor Kathy Hochul’s signature, seeks to eliminate predatory practices by capping management fees, regulating digital image rights, and prohibiting exorbitant charges for accommodations and other expenses. “Today New York—one of the fashion capitals of the world—has said unequivocally that the status quo is unacceptable,” stated Sara Ziff, executive director of the Model Alliance, highlighting the bill’s focus on protecting the field’s predominantly young female workforce. “It is a major victory for our workforce of overwhelmingly young women and girls.”

 LoveShackFancy and 21SEEDS’ tequila collaboration is in full bloom

LoveShackFancy has partnered with a limited-edition collaboration with tequila brand 21SEEDS. The duo’s new partnership features a floral-patterned cocktail tote bag, which includes beach towel straps and two pockets sized to hold 21SEEDS bottles. You can check out the collaboration on LoveShackFancy’s website and stores when it drops on June 11.

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LoveShackFancy x 21Seeds (Courtesy of 21Seeds)

Dior’s Italian manufacturers placed under court administration

Manufactures Dior SRL, an Italian subsidiary of French luxury conglomerate LVMH—which produces Dior-branded handbags—has been placed under court-appointed administration for one year. According to Business of Fashion, the judicial administration order follows a recent Milan court ruling due to labor violations involving Chinese subcontractors. The court’s decision was influenced by findings of exploitative working conditions and the use of undocumented workers. Despite these issues, the Christian Dior Italia SRL unit will continue to operate during the judicial oversight period, ensuring business continuity while addressing the compliance failures. The move aims to address the oversight and ensure compliance with labor laws, reflecting ongoing concerns about ethical standards in global fashion supply chains.


Christian Dior Cruise 2024

The New York Botanical Garden’s Conservatory Ball goes to Wonderland

For its 2024 celebration, the New York Botanical Garden hosted its Conservatory Ball in honor of its new “Wonderland: Curious Nature” flower show, themed around the stories of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Guests including Fernando Garcia, Laura Kim, Jessica Wang, Sophie Sumner, Sophie Elgort, Jessel Taank, Tina Leung, Sai De Silva, Dennis Basso, Marcus Teo, Eric Rutherford, and more enjoyed the new floral displays across the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, Conservatory Lawn, and Conservatory Tent, seen during the event’s cocktail hour and sit-down dinner—complete with music from DJ RunnaThe exhibit was in full bloom for the Ball, which honored William D. and Fleur Rueckert and was chaired by Maureen K. and Richard L. Chilton, Jr., Sasha and Edward Bass, Friederike K. Biggs, Jill Joyce, J. Barclay Collins II and KrisMna Durr, Ravenel Curry, Jane Moss, Sharon and Bill Jacob, Janet M. Montag, Deborah and Charles Royce, and Bethany and Robert B. Millard. Bosilika An, Hope Chilton, Cecilia Jacob, Stella Jacob, Kerry Joyce, Holly Lowen, Gillian and Sylvester Miniter, and Arielle Patrick served as 2024’s vice chairs for the event, which was sponsored by Oscar de la Renta, De Beers Jewellers, Hearst, The Bancorp LLC, and BartleX Tree Experts.

All images: Courtesy of New York Botanical Garden

Additional reporting by Moriel Mizrahi.

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