Aliza Licht To Exit DKNY

by Kristen Heinzinger

DKNY PR Girl, the social media face of the fashion brand (and the Twitter account run by Aliza Licht, SVP of global communications), has officially disappeared, according to Mashable. But DKNY gave a few hints on Twitter. On August 3rd, they tweeted: “Dear Friends: I have a big announcement. For all personal of @leaveyourmarkXO book related tweets, please tweet & follow @AlizaLicht. Thx” and then on August 6th, “DKNY is going in exciting new directions! Stay tuned for what’s next! Going forward please tweet @AlizaLicht. DKNY PR Girl is all grown up!” And as of this past Saturday, the digital personality’s presence was deleted entirely, including all previous tweets, Tumblr account, and Instagram posts.

“DKNY is heading into an exciting new creative direction, starting with the upcoming September show,” Licht told Mashable. “We are grateful for the community’s support these past six years and hope they stay tuned for this newly consolidated DKNY digital universe.” Licht confirmed that she would remain with the brand, but her social media account would be separate from DKNY corporate’s.

This change comes shortly after Donna Karan stepped down as chief designer of the brand in June, assuming the role of an advisor. Last fall, Caroline Brown was name CEO at Donna Karan International (DKI), and in April, DKI’s EVP of design Jane Chung was replaced by Public School designers Maxwell Osbourne and Dao-Yi Chow.

DKNY PR Girl (@DKNY) was created in 2009 and was popular for the behind-the-scenes look into the world of fashion, its sassy, conversational tone, and for being one of the first of the industry’s social media handles to do more than marketing.

Bon voyage, @DKNYPRGirl.

UPDATE: Aliza Licht and Donna Karen International confirm that she will be leaving DKNY in the fall.

Licht is leaving to pursue opportunities related to her book, Leave Your Mark. The news comes just days after the announcement that the popular social media handle @DKNYPRGirl, run by Licht, would be replaced by @dkny.

“Since the launch and success of my book “Leave Your Mark”, I have been traveling the world meeting with the community that has gathered through social media,” Licht said. “Their overwhelming response has encouraged me to pursue new opportunities in media. For the next few months I will be enjoying the new chapter at DKNY and helping the company transition through the fall. It has been an extraordinary seventeen years for me at DKI. I am extremely grateful for their support and I am excited about the future.”

Caroline Brown, CEO of DKI, said, “Aliza has built an extraordinary community as DKNY PR GIRL over these past few years with her truly authentic thoughts, messages and passion for her followers. As such she has been critical to the growth of DKNY and a leader in social networks. We look forward to continuing the relationship with the community of DKNY PR GIRL at @dkny now as she embarks on a new chapter. We are so grateful for Aliza’s many contributions to this company and support her in this new step in her own career.”

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