The Adorable Puppies at the Tod’s Show Will Give You Warm, Fuzzy Life

by Charles Manning

The world is a wretched, horrible place. At least, it certainly seems like that much of the time these days. But then, something as lovely and simple as models carrying puppies in their arms at a fashion show happens and just for a moment, things don’t seem quite so awful.

On Thursday, Tod’s showed their fall 2018 ready-to-wear collection full of cozy shearling outerwear and buttery soft leather in a range of earthy, skin-flattering neutrals. It was a solid collection full of wearable clothes, which is kind of saying something in Milan this season.

Anyway, enough about the collection. On to the puppies — there were 5 of them!

1. This little guy opened the show — let’s call him Bert.
Look at his wee little face! Why so blue, Bert? You’re just a chubby little bunny, aren’t you? Yes you are! (Gigi Hadid was also there.)

Tod’s fall 2018 (FirstView)

2. Next came this little nugget — let’s call her “Dinky.”
Hello Dinky! How did you get so cute? How did you do it!? Did you take a class? Do you like snuggles? I bet you do!

Tod’s fall 2018 (FirstView)

3. This is Muffin… I’m guessing.
Oh, Muffin! Could you be any softer? No. I do not think you could. I do not think so. You are just the softest little muffin that ever was. Yes you are. Yes you are!

Tod’s fall 2018 (FirstView)

4. And Pedro, of course.
You sure are an alert little gentleman, aren’t you? What are you looking out for? Could it be… cuddly wuddlies! Yes! You’re just a little cuddle hunter aren’t you, Pedro?

Tod’s fall 2018 (FirstView)

5. And last but not least, Isobel. 
Why hello there, little ladie. Who’s a lovely little lady? You are. Yes, yes, yes you are! You don’t know no better.

Tod’s fall 2018 (FirstView)

Nicole Phelps at Vogue said in her review that “the show’s puppies served to emphasize Tod’s specialty, which is, of course, accessories,” but I say fuck that noise! They were just the cutest little cute cutes that ever cuted is what they were. Yes they were. Yes they were!

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