L’AGENCE and Bert Stern Launch Capsule Collection of Marilyn Monroe’s Last Sitting

by Eddie Roche

L’AGENCE has partnered with Bert Stern Trust on a limited-edition capsule collection featuring Marilyn Monroe’s last sitting with Stern in 1962. “The partnership with Bern Stern is a natural fit for our first foray into a brand collaboration at L’AGENCE,” L’AGENCE CEO and creative director Jeffrey Rudes said.  “Stern’s iconic imagery pairs perfectly with the L’AGENCE lifestyle that’s so rooted in Los Angeles and we believe the collectable pieces produced from this partnership further solidify the iconic legacy of Marilyn, Bert Stern, and of course, L’AGENCE.”


Stern was one of the most celebrated photographers of 1950’s and 60’s and was on the same level as his peers Richard Avedon and Irving Penn. He shot Monroe six weeks before her death for Vogue magazine. The X’s that appear in the collection on Monroe’s face are from the icon herself. Stern sent her contact sheets and negatives after the shoot and she sent them back with orange X’s and scratches made with a hairpin over the images she didn’t want published. “She hadn’t just scratched out my pictures, she scratched out herself,” Stern said in the book The Last Sitting in 1982. (You can read more about it HERE.)


The 24-piece collection features Monroe’s filmstrips and portraits on denim and leather jackets, silk tops, denim skirts and jeans, in addition to silk scarves.  The collection is available now on L’AGENCE. and global retailers.

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