Ladies Who L’AGENCE! See What’s Coming For Spring Summer ’23 Right Here

by Freya Drohan

To showcase its Spring Summer ’23, wares L’AGENCE took over the always-Instagrammable Boom Boom Room to reveal what it’s been cooking up. In the words of Jeff Rudes, creative director of the popular brand that retailers can’t get enough of, “Going beyond the design rules is when the unexpected magic happens!” Consider us intrigued. We caught up with the label’s power player fashion director Tara Rudes Dann to hear what’s fueling the magic for the muses this season.

How are you feeling ahead of NYFW?
As fashion director at L’AGENCE, it feels like every week is Fashion Week, which is so much fun when you love what you do. However, leading up to the actual week of NYFW, our wholesale team is kicking off the season in “market” selling Spring 2023 to our retailers globally. Our adrenaline is in full force; the days and weeks start to blend and before you know it, it’s October. I have a huge smile just thinking about it.

Tell us about your presentation for the season at Boom Boom Room. What can we expect?
A romantic and electrifying Spring season! We never lose sight of our DNA. This collection is full of emotion and is quintessentially L’AGENCE. The iconic Boom Boom Room complements the collection perfectly, and we couldn’t be more excited. Electrifying pop colors, romantic shades of neutrals, fun denim fashion fits, chain details, ruching, country club cashmere, and structured feminine suiting have our woman looking beautiful and feeling confident.

Who were your muses?
Romanticism is at the root of this collection; our muse is our customer, and we create a lifestyle wardrobe to empower her every season.

Where can we find you during NYFW? What are your usual haunts?
Mostly every night there is a fabulous dinner or party to attend. I have been dreaming about my outfits in my sleep and patiently waiting for our Fall/Winter collection to arrive. Those dramatic pieces that have consumed my mind! My favorite place is the members only club, Casa Cipriani. It has a glamorous old Hollywood vibe and is great for people watching.

What do you usually do post-presentation to celebrate?
We love to celebrate as a company, usually with a dinner. It’s my favorite night out during NYFW. At the end of the evening, we always go around the table and compliment one another and chant the team names who cannot be with us.

L’AGENCE debuted a maternity offering this year. Tell us about how that came about and how it’s going.
With special technology and great fitting silhouettes, we truly created the most incredible pieces for the woman transitioning into motherhood. I was pregnant a year and a half ago and I can speak from experience—our maternity is a must-have.

Your footwear has also been killing it! Are there any new styles for the upcoming season?
There are always new styles, but I’m going to leave you curious!

What L’AGENCE pieces in your own wardrobe get the most wear?
All of them! I am a chameleon, like our woman. It depends on the day and my mood when it comes to my choice of outfit as we have pieces for every occasion!

What’s your favorite piece of advice you give to other female designers and entrepreneurs?
To love what you do is a success on its own. Never let a tough day throw off your mood; you just need to remember there is tomorrow to conquer.

What’s the one thing that keeps you going?
Passionately creating.

See the Spring Summer ’23 offering below: 

Images: Jacopo Moschin

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