L’AGENCE Fall ’22 Brought Vintage-style Suiting And Espresso Martini-drinking Models To The Bowery Hotel

by Freya Drohan

Catching a minute with Tara Rudes Dann backstage!

Your mood right now in one word: Humble

The collection mood in one word: Irresistible

Adrenaline high thanks to…. loving life

Late nights or early mornings: Both

Jumping off point for this collection: The Woman

Who you call for moral support: My uncle, Jeffrey Rudes

Food order on speed dial right now: Playa Bowls NYC

Steven Dann, Greyson Dann, Tara Rudes Dann

Failsafe inspiration when you need it: Analyzing the success of L’AGENCE through the years

Coffee or tea: tea!

Soundtrack/album that gets you through: any ’80s and ’90s smooth r & b

Stress buster: Blaring music and dancing to it

Good luck charm: my sons

The first person you look for in the audience: my husband, Steven Dann

Post-show celebrations: a fabulous dinner with our team

Who was there: 


See the full collection below: 

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