Street Style Mania with Vogue Ukraine’s Julie Pelipas

by Paige Reddinger

Outside of Dries Van Noten yesterday was a flurry of street style photographers vying for the best pics of Paris Fashion Week’s best-dressed. One woman that was receiving particular attention was Vogue Ukraine‘s senior fashion editor Julie Pelipas (oh, and by the way her 5-year-old daughter is somewhat of a street style sensation too…check her out on Instagram at @juliya_pelipas). What does it feel like to be hounded by street style paparazzi? We investigate…

Have you ever missed a show because of street photographers?
Yes, when I was six months pregnant I was in Paris and it was a little hectic for me to get around to everything. I was trying to go to John Galliano’s show and the guys were taking my picture and they just wouldn’t let me go, so I missed the show. I was just around the corner. I couldn’t believe it.

What are you wearing today?
I’m wearing a vintage Stella McCartney sequin jumpsuit and my top is by a Ukranian designer named Omelya.

Did you used to be a model?
Never. I know it’s weird, because I’m so tall. I was studying to be a journalist so I had no time for modeling. If you’re a model, you don’t have any time for education so you really have to choose.

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