Spotted! Tory Burch And Oliver Stone At ‘Beautiful’

by Paige Reddinger

Yesterday eve, The Daily happened to be taking in a performance of the Carole King musical Beautiful, there was quite a crowd at the packed show. First, we spotted Tory Burch with her three sons in tow. Burch seemed to be reprimanding one of her boys pre-show (surely just a teenage boy, dying to be at a Carole King musical on a Tuesday night!). Meanwhile, Tory remained unflappable as always and quickly solved the situation. Boys will be boys!

A few rows behind the Burch fam sat famed director Oliver Stone with his wife, Sun-jung Jung, and daughter Tara. Stone appeared irritated (or animated? we couldn’t tell…) during intermission, but seemed to be taking in the show with delight, clapping and nodding his head to the tunes. Not a bad crowd for Jessie Mueller, who won the Tony award for her performance as Carole King. If you haven’t seen it yet, head straight to Broadway ASAP!

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