Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini Is Taking Us Back To School For Fall ’21

by Freya Drohan

Jolly hockey sticks! Lorenzo Serafini was looking towards iconography associated with quintessential British schooling days while designing his Fall Winter ’21 collection. And fittingly, it all started with a doodle on a blank page…after all, weren’t those moments spent daydreaming and carefree down the back of the classroom what your favorite lessons were all about?

First things first, the designer’s muse—in her uniform of pleated kilts and majorette-inspired dresses, tough girl boots, attitude-rich leather berets, and wool logo cardigans—is the type of girl who ruled the hallways. Not to mention the way she defies the rules by adding a bustier or frilly Pierrot collar wherever she sees fit. Unsurprisingly when she’s ready to sneak out of the dorms after curfew, it’s a sleek sequin pinafore you’ll find her in.

“School, a place of culture that forms generations through confrontation, is a staple that I consider the primary source of growth for young people. I thought back to the encounters and clashes I faced during those years and realized how fundamental they were in shaping my sociality and the expression of my creativity,” the designer said.

That expression also came through in sporty-influenced stripes, heraldic symbols, wording, and crests, plus padded scarves-turned-hoods, primary colors indicative of your school pride, and in pure and innocent white cottons. Next season’s accessory offering also tipped its head to Britain, with square-shaped, lace-up Anne Bag as a nod to the eccentric spirit of the infamous royal. Also bound to be popular are the black leather Moon Bag with its silver and gold mesh shoulder strap and the Pillow Bag in quilted nylon. All things considered, it has the makings of the chicest boarding school teen drama we’ve ever seen…your move, Gossip Girl!  

See the full collection below:

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