10 Most Expensive Pieces of Clothing You Can Buy Online Right Now (And the Least Expensive)

by Charles Manning

Below, you will find the single most expensive item currently available for purchase at each of 10 top luxury designer e-tailers. You’ll also find the least expensive item. Just for contrast. Why did we create this list? Because! That’s why! Now sit back, relax, and let the strangeness of a store that sells Hello Kitty socks and jeweled Valentino gowns wash over you.

1. Moda Operandi
Most Expensive: Diane Kruger’s blue mullet gown from this year’s Met Gala for $37,995.

(Moda Operandi)

Balloon-Sleeved Bell-Shaped Gown PRABAL GURUNG (Available at Moda Operandi), $37,995

Least Expensive: These white cotton briefs with big Fs on the waistband for $45.

(Moda Operandi)

Garcon Cheeky Briefs, FLEUR DU MAL (Available at Moda Operandi), $45

2. Net-a-Porter
Most Expensive: This pink 1940s-inspired Gucci dress for $25,000. Very “Wallace Simpson at the disco,” don’t you think?


Least Expensive: This plain white T-shirt for $20. You can never have too many plain white T-shirts.


3. Matches Fashion
Most Expensive: a floor length mink bath robe for $21,380. Ok, it’s not really a bathrobe, but nothing says “money” like five-figure fur loungewear.

(Matches Fashion)

Freda Mink Fur Coat, BROCK COLLECTION (Available at Matches Fashion), $21,380

Least Expensive: These basic white ankle socks for $9. So basic.

(Matches Fashion)

Stretch Cotton Ankle Socks, FALKE (Available at Matches Fashion), $9

4. Luisa Via Roma
Most Expensive: This Julien Macdonald naked dress for $33,712. Aren’t naked dresses over yet? Oh god, please, let them be over already!

(Luisa Via Roma)

Beaded Fishnet Bustier Gown, JULIEN MACDONALD (Available at Luisa Via Roma), $33,712

Least Expensive: The opposite of a naked dress, a striped athletic sock, for $16.

(Luisa Via Roma)

Logo Cotton-Blend Socks, CHAMPION (Available at Luisa Via Roma), $16

5. Italist
Most Expensive: This maxi dress which may or may not expose your left nipple, while definitely exposing your hoo-ha for $19,253.


Silk and Tulle Embroidered Dress, VALENTINO (Available at Italist), $19,253

Least Expensive: A pair of Hello Kitty socks for $12 that were absolutely made to be worn with your new Valentino dress.


Hello Kitty Cotton Socks, GCDS (Available at Italist), $12

6. FarFetch
Most Expensive: This Gucci fur jacket that looks like a knockoff, but it totally legit because that is Gucci’s thing now for $38,000.


Fur Jacket With Double G Logo, GUCCI (Available at FarFetch), $38,000

Least Expensive: More socks. This time in a 3-pack! Only $11.

(Far Fetch)

Pack of Three No-Show Socks, NIKE (Available at FarFetch), $11

7. Yoox
Most Expensive: This McQueen dress that was originally $20,298 but is currently on sale for a mere $14,411. Bargain!


Formal Dress, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (Available at Yoox), $14,411

Least Expensive: These baggy, saggy shorts the color of chilled margarine for $17. They too are on sale, if you can believe it. You can totally believe it.


Shorts, JCOLOR (Available at Yoox), $17

Most Expensive: This funky Gucci jacket, which is perfect for Coachella, which was last month, but whatever! It’s $6,495.


Red Oversized Tie-Dye Corduroy “Blind for Love” Jacket, GUCCI (Available at SSENSE), $6,495

Least Expensive: These pink Calvin Klein briefs for $20.


Pink Modern Cotton Bikini Briefs, CALVIN KLEIN (Available at SSENSE), $20

9. My Theresa
Most Expensive: This trippy embellished Gucci gown for $20,000. There is so much Gucci on this list, right?

(My Theresa)

Embellished Tulle Gown, GUCCI (Available at My Theresa), $20,000

Least Expensive: This frumpy Calvin Klein Jeans dress that is definitely not a super-depressing way to spend $119. Nope, not at all. Not even a little bit.

(My Theresa)

Floral Dress, CALVIN KLEIN JEANS (Available at My Theresa), $119

10. Stylebop
Most Expensive: This slaughterhouse raincoat from Calvin Klein’s address collection, because we can’t just call it “Calvin Klein”  or even “Calvin Klein Collection” anymore. Ugh! Either way, the point is it’s $6,940.


Printed Leather Coat, CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC (Available at Stylebop), $6,940

Least Expensive: This basic white cotton cami, which seems as good a place to stop as any, for $28.


Cotton Camisole, AMERICAN VINTAGE (Available at Stylebop), $28

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