Check Out Margherita Missoni’s First Collection for M Missoni

by Aria Darcella
M Missoni

Nearly a year after Margherita Missoni was first appointed creative director of M Missoni and fans are finally getting a look at her work. The resulting collection is exactly the youthful spin on the house’s history, heritage, and codes that were promised. Fashion history nerds will get a kick out of retro perfume ads used as prints, and old logos and patterns resurfacing. But all the repurposing is not just part of the aesthetic — its part of the construction, too.

Tapping in to an increased need for more ethical and sustainable fashion, Margherita created the line by recycling and upcycling materials used elsewhere in the company. Surplus buttons, for example, have been turned into necklaces. Leftover yarns have been used for pullovers. Even furnishing fabrics (presumably taken from Missoni’s homeware line) have been turned into coats. It’s amazing — there’s a vintage vibe to everything that is incredibly authentic to the brand, while also feeling fresh. This is the most relaxed take on Missoni in years, which is really saying something considering the brand as a whole has always had a lighthearted tone.

Margherita has been in and out of the family business for years. In her early 20s she was an ambassador for the brand’s mainline, and joined the in-house design team in 2009. A few years ago she left to pursue other projects before returning in 2018. “Being identified as the person who can lead the future course of the new M Missoni fills me with pride,” she said at the time. “It’s exciting to have the opportunity to set new paradigms and forge new directions for this brand, all whilst using the Missoni aesthetic which lives within me.” She’s certainly accomplished what she set out to do.

Check out the full collection below.

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