Lucky Blue Smith and Taylor Hill Go Nearly Nude for V’s Dual September Covers

by Kristen Heinzinger

There’s a whole lot of skin on V103’s dual September covers, where a pant-less Taylor Hill straddles a bare-chested Troye Sivan (the musician is endorsed by Taylor Swift), and a bottom-baring Kacy Hill (signed by Kanye West) straddles a shirtless Lucky Blue Smith. The occasion? The Face The Music issue, where the fashion and music industry’s newcomers face off, literally, while making their V Magazine debut. Both covers were shot by Mario Testino and styled by Paul Cavaco.

Inside, we get an even more up close and personal look at who they are behind the fashion and music…

Troye on turning YouTube success into a music career:
“The fact that everything is happening the way it is, it sends me into giggles. Like, the fact that I woke up last week and was like, Oh, I just need to quickly fly across the country to do a photo shoot with Mario Testino and then fly back to play a show—I don’t know how else to process it but to laugh. Sometimes it feels like I’m in Zoolander. I went to the Billboard Awards, I was backstage, and Rihanna just casually walked by. I was like, What the f**k? Hilarious.”

Taylor on being true to herself amid all the noise of social media:
“I’ve just learned to be myself. Social media is a huge part of my life, but I don’t post a steady rhythm of pictures. I don’t post at a certain time of day to get the most views. You learn to live your life with it.”

Lucky Blue on his family band, Atomics, and balancing music with fashion:
“Music for us was the biggest priority, but modeling took off faster than we expected. So, that’s taken the lead for a little bit, but we’ve been writing and practicing the whole time.”

Kacy on her first performance at Madison Square Garden:
“I had a moment looking out at the audience. It was surreal. I realized how badly I want to be an artist and how badly I want people to feel the same way about my music. It was like, I really want this, for myself.”

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