How Making The Cut’s Lucie Brochard Is Using The Show To Transform Her Business

by Eddie Roche

Making The Cut spoilers ahead! MTC’s Lucie Brochard, alongside Joshua Scacheri, was the design competition’s most recent winner with judges Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Winnie Harlow, and Jeremy Scott falling hard for her bridal gown. We got on Zoom with the French designer (reaching her at her fab WFH situation in Barcelona, Spain!) to find out why she signed up for the show and how she feels about watching herself. 

What was it like working together with Josh and how did it feel to finally get the approval of the judges?
It was a great feeling! We both worked hard on this assignment. It was a complete menswear and womenswear look, so we did the bridal look and the accessible look. We were a great team: we made the print super fast and he made the dress very unique, it was perfect. We can always do better with more time, but we were very happy.

Why did you decide to do Making The Cut? 
I don’t have a lot of time to film my life in this way, so it was a great opportunity to show the way I work. It shows how I made the collection and every detail, even if I didn’t have the time I needed to make a piece. We all started in September during COVID. It was very difficult for every company. I was more B2B and selling to shops. On Making The Cut, I had to turn my company to become more B2C; selling to a final customer and utilizing my brand. It was the first opportunity I have ever had to do this. It was great timing. It was amazing getting to show people the way I work and how I can converse because we need an audience. I started from nothing! This was a huge opportunity for me to get more orders and promote the brand.

Tell me more about the aesthetic of your brand.
I hope all these women I am designing for feel confident in their life. I dress women to feel confident and elegant.

Lucie Brochard (Courtesy)

Do you feel like you dress business women?
Yes, mostly. Also, I know that I want to reach more people. I don’t want to be so constricted. I try to do younger and more unisex pieces as well also because I’m inspired by menswear. I started my career with menswear. I am trying to design more unisex pieces.

What designers do you admire?  
I adore Dries Van Noten. He is a crazy designer, super creative! When I watch what he does, I’m like ‘Whoa!’ This is my master. I love Olivier Rousteing. He is a new generation designer, and I am here for that. I love Saint Laurent. I love Valentino!

The winning look (Courtesy)

How did you feel about watching yourself on TV when this premiered earlier this month?
You should have filmed me! I couldn’t sleep! I just wanted to watch it! I was very pleasantly surprised. They did a very good job. I actually just sent them a congratulatory message of how authentic it all looks. In the meantime, I was also stressed to see myself. I don’t watch myself all the time! I don’t film myself.  I’m ready to push myself for something new while keeping my aesthetic. I just trusted my gut!

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