Meet Making the Cut’s Jeanatte Limas

by Eddie Roche

Warning! Making the Cut spoilers ahead! Who makes good TV? Jeanatte Limas does! This week she walked away the winner of Making the Cut’s design competition and her looks will be available to purchase on Amazon. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Limas went to Parson School of Design and has worked on the design team for Urban Zen by Donna Karan and Jolibe. We Zoomed with the bubbly designer this week to talk nerves and get the scoop on her design vibe. 

You have such good energy on the show! What’s it like watching yourself on TV?
It’s bring me back to being judged! I get very nervous every time I watch. I don’t think I’m ready to watch episode two again.

Were you a fan of the show before joining?
I was! Last season, Gary [Graham] was told by Jeremy Scott that he was an artist. I remember sitting there watching and thinking if something like that happened to me where Jeremy Scott says I’m talented, I die! This episode is about that! I couldn’t believe that I was in my room thinking about that and then it happens to me. I get so emotional!

What were you feeling when you were in front of the judges?
English is not my first language so when I’m nervous, I forget words in English. They were speaking a language that wasn’t mind so that was terrifying. You want people to love you work and fall in love with it. There’s a lot going on in your mind. You don’t want to go home!

Was there anything you were nervous about going into the experience? 
I was concerned with the fact that you don’t have your studio or privacy. That was my main experience. I was going to be exposed with nowhere to hide. The timing was another thing. When they say five hours, it’s five hours. Anybody who is creative would be concerned. There’s not an on and off switch.

Tell me about your vibe as a designer.
It’s elegant, sophisticated, I drape. My brand is to make you feel like you can do it all. We have doubts but you can do it all. I’m telling myself that!

What are your goals for your brand?
I have a longtime saying that I want an empire. That’s what I’m going for! Right now I’m doing fashion and that’s what I love. Why settle for something small? Life is short!

Jeanette Limas

Jeanette Limas

Tell me more about you! What do you do for fun?
I love riding horses. I’m very outgoing. I love to be outside hiking. I have a motorcycle. I love riding!

Who are some brands that you admire?
I love Alexander McQueen, Who doesn’t love Dior? It’s so elegant. I used to work for Donna Karan so I love her beautiful clothes. Jeremy Scott and the colors! I want some of that! So many brands.

Did you get to experience working with Donna Karan?
Yes! I remember she once said, ‘Let the fabric speak to you!’ It’s true! You see a texture and feeling that’s calling your name. I still think about that when I start any collection.


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