Is Jeanette Limas Closer To A Making the Cut Win?

by Eddie Roche

Warning! Making the Cut spoilers ahead! On the the latest episode of Making the Cut, Jeanette Limas becomes the first designer to win the competition twice, but she nearly didn’t. She tells The Daily what she really thinks about that look that was so disliked by Heidi, Nicole, and Jeremy. 

How are you?
I’m happy!

This seemed like a tough one for you starting with Tim [Gunn] giving you some tough love. What was your reaction to his critique?
That’s why I’m in the show. You don’t want to hear it’s fine and he thinks I can work it out. Let me know how I can grow and turn the piece into a winning one. At the end of the day, that’s what we want, right? We want our look to be accessible for people to buy. It’s great for our brand. It is tough to be standing there and taking it, but am I gonna feel sad and not doing anything about it or do I take the advice from Tim and turn it into something beautiful.

The judges really loved one of your looks and did not like the other. What was going through your mind when they said they didn’t like the other look?
I wasn’t surprised because I didn’t like it either! When we were in the desert, I remember locking myself in the bathroom and literally started praying. I wasn’t praying to win. I was praying to stay. As long as you stay in the show, you have a lot of opportunity. It was hard to take the criticism, but I wasn’t surprised. I was worried about the accessible look. I’m glad they picked the artistic look as the affordable.

They spend a lot of time on your segment. When they say that you won, you didn’t seem to believe it.
The whole fashion show, I was extremely sad because I thought they would send me home. That’s why I was so shocked. The artistic look took me a whole day and I had 40 minutes to do the other one. I feel like I didn’t give my all.

Tell me a little about your experience with festivals.
This episode was very closet to my heart because I remember spending months on my costume for carnival. Red is the color! You always do a short top and then a big skirt for the whole week celebration. It was nice to share my culture on Making the Cut. That is what shapes my brand in the end.

Have you ever been to Coachella?
I haven’t had a chance.

Have you gotten recognized since the show started airing?
I was shopping yesterday for fabrics in New York City and people recognized me. It was weird! People would say, ‘Are you the one from the show?” I’m glad. I thank them for watching! The orders have been coming in, too! Before I used to be happy, but now I’m scared because the orders have to get done!! In the end, that’s what you want! It has changed everything for me.

Are you showing at New York Fashion Week?
I couldn’t put together a collection. We are definitely presenting for February. I’m obsessed. I hope you can come!

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