Kanye West Didn’t Bother To Tell Kim Kardashian West He Was Reviving His Twitter

by Taylor Harris

Among the gems gleaned from Kim Kardashian West’s sit down with Ellen DeGeneres on Monday was the fact that Kanye West didn’t feel the need to tell his wife that he was reactivating his Twitter account, the likes of which have spawned speculation as to the quality of the rapper’s mental state.

The discussion started when Degeneres asked Kardashian West about one of her husband’s tweets, this one reads: “Sometimes you have to get rid of everything”.

Kardashian West had to admit she doesn’t understand all of her husband’s Twitter musings, saying, “I was very confused, I have no idea.”

She then went on to reveal that her husband hadn’t let her know that he’d turned his digital megaphone back on. “You know what, I didn’t even know that he got his Twitter again until I started seeing Tweets come in from other people like re-tweeting them,” she said laughing. “And I’m like, ‘wait, is this real?’ And then that night he came in and he was like, ‘did you see my Tweets?'”

Another tidbit that she divulged was that West was playing Connect 4 in an adjoining hospital room during most of the labor of their third child Chicago. “I made Kourtney [Kardashian] be in the room,” she said. “We had a connecting room and Kanye was in there playing Connect 4 with his friends and not really paying attention and I was like, ‘Kourtney, I need you to be here with me’ … she just, you know, it’s your sister. You need a support system.”

When DeGeneres followed up, asking, “Did he stop playing Connect 4 at some point?”  Kardashian avoided answering the question, she did say, “It’s his favorite game. He’s the best at it. I’m so bad at it.”

Kardashian West also broached the subject of the cheating scandal surrounding sister Khloé’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson — her words are the first public commentary from the Kardashian-Jenner clan since the news erupted on April 11. “I don’t even know how to describe it besides it’s just so fucked up,” she said. Well put, Kim. Well put.

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