Small Brand Spotlight: The Aussie Label Making Gigi Hadid’s Fave Maternity PJs

by Freya Drohan

As they say, all press is good press. And then there’s the kind of press that you can’t put a price tag on: when a globally-adored supermodel and style star authentically name checks your small business. Such was the case when Gigi Hadid praised fledgling Australian brand, Holiday the Label, during a social media takeover for V Magazine.

Not much is known about the 25-year-old’s pregnancy (or maternity style!) as she’s opting to fly under the radar, quarantining at her family farm in Pennsylvania. As a result, we’re left in the dark about what the usual tabloid fixture is wearing while expecting. That is, until the catwalk regular revealed her go-to pajamas are an olive checkered pair by Holiday the Label. The brand’s founder Emma Mulholland talked to the Daily about the inspiration for her designs and what happened when Gigi gave them the thumbs up.

Tell us about how, why, and when you launched your brand?
I launched in 2017 after finishing up with my namesake label in 2016. I wanted to start a brand without the restraints of a wholesale and seasons, as that business model had previously burnt me out. Holiday is based around the idea of bringing vacation/holiday dressing back into your everyday wardrobe. I’m always finding special pieces while traveling, but I find the cuts and fabrications aren’t always quite right to wear them in the real world so I elevate them. I’m building a core wardrobe of pieces that you can wear on your vacations and everything in-between.

As a small brand, how important is this kind of endorsement to you?
I love hearing that anybody enjoys what we do. Hearing it from celebrities is a very nice compliment! Sometimes you are lucky to see a paparazzi photo or story post, but it was very exciting to hear Gigi actually talk about the brand and what she liked about them—she would have her choice of anything in the world to wear, so the fact that she chose our lounge sets and spoke of them so highly was very lovely and an amazing endorsement for us.

Did orders go nuts after Gigi posted about you on V‘s Instagram?
The pajama/lounge sets have been really popular since we launched them in March, but we did notice a huge demand for the olive check ones she wore. It’s been great for getting new customers to the site and finding out about all the other things we do as well.

The checkered PJs are so cute, why do fans love them?
Our checkerboard print has always been one of our most popular. I think the color and fabrication is what people love, plus being 100% linen they can be so light and lovely for summer. I also find the longer version is warm enough in our Aussie winter. Gigi speaks about how comfortable they are for pregnancy, which I have heard the same feedback from other customers. Because of the drawstring waist, they are pretty free size, so you could wear them during your pregnancy, postpartum, and easily fit them after. You are also getting a two-in-one price as both look cute worn separately, as well as in a set.

Are they currently sold out or how can folks get their hands on them?
We currently have both the short and long olive check version available for pre-order. We also have a ton of cute prints in the sets available now.

What about Gigi’s style and personality appeals to you?
She seems really laid back and effortless… which we love at Holiday!

Where do you get your design inspiration from?
I have always found a lot of inspiration from movies and music. I also love looking at old tourist photos and souvenirs from the ’80s and ’90s.

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