Dree Hemingway on Her Chloé Campaign, Beauty Essentials, and More

by Kristen Heinzinger

Dree Hemingway, who stars in the upcoming movie Love After Love and recently released The People Garden with Pamela Anderson, also continues to score on the modeling front, most recently as the face of Chloé Fleur de Parfum. What better time to poll the multi-hyphenate about her style and beauty secrets? Coveteur checks in, and we got the exclusive!

On how the collab with Chloé came about…
“I met and became friends with the Chloé team four years ago now, which was kind of the dream. They then asked me if I would be the face of the fragrance, which is the biggest honor because I’ve always considered the Chloé woman to be the epitome of cool elegance. Also a French house asking an American girl to get involved is an honor because I think the French woman is the most chic woman.”

On her beauty go-tos…
“I go to Carol at Ling Skincare and she has turned me on to face masks in an aggressive way. I use a vitamin C serum at night and a moisture serum during the day. I like natural sunscreen during the day. I’m normally very obsessed with being tan but…I’ve grown out of that. I always have La Mer chapstick because it tastes all minty. I drink Oxylent in my water—it’s like Emergen-C. My mother turned me on to it. And I take apple cider vinegar in the capsule form because I can’t travel with a big bottle.”

On her sense of style…
“My personal style is definitely more androgynous now. I’m comfortable with less is more. I explore different things, but normally it’s a raw jean situation, grey sweater, and some hightop Converse or Vans. I dress like a teenage boy skater most of the time.”

On modeling versus acting…
“I still like doing both. Modeling has been the biggest coach for my acting career. I went to acting school but doing photo shoots and having to channel different characters and be different people has really helped my acting. I’m not new in the modeling industry but I’m very new in the acting world. It’s like taking five steps back, in a weird way. It’s fun to start pursuing and pushing myself in an area I don’t know as well.”

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